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ABOUT THE CELEBS, background, goss etc


A lot I have only a cursory idea of who they are, some I have no idea on.
Zippy/Kate moaning about her up and down weird life, just made me curious about some.
Put background info and anything else you know here.

Eg I have no clue about the footy dude, posters say he hangs out with gangsters, is there more to him, for he seems quite boring.

Casey, don't know much about her other than Idol, and she had or has her own TV show, she seems to have gained a lot from that, she presents really well, holds attention with presence, and is articulate.

My fave Nazeem - interesting facts, he is so loveable - and super clever

Hussain attended Melbourne High School. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science and Bachelor of Laws at Deakin University.[15]

Hussain started off performing comedy informally in his mid-teens.

Hussain's Muslim parents grew up in Sri Lanka.[2] After his parents got married, they moved to Australia in the 1970s.[3] At the time, his mother, Mumtaz Hamid, had never left Sri Lanka before.[4]

Hussain was born and brought up in Burwood, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia[5][6][7][8] in a Muslim family.[9] Hussain is the second child of three children; he has two sisters.[3][10] Hussain's younger sister Azmeena Hussain (born 1987), is a lawyer and an associate at a law firm.[11][5][12]

In March 2015, Hussain told Confidential that former A Current Affair host Jana Wendt visited his family home unannounced to do an interview in 1993 when Hussain was six years old, during height of conflict in Iraq with dictator Saddam Hussein at the helm. Her target was Nazeem's father, Shereen, and the angle was that his name was listed as S. Hussain in the phone book.[13] Six months later, Hussain's father left for Sri Lanka and never returned
(how sad is that bit, and odd know an elderly Sri Lankan lady who's husband did the same thing, ie here for a while but left)

This wiki - may be a bit old

Hussain is also an outreach[74] youth worker,[15][37] he works in a law firm[75] he works as a tax consultant,[64][76] and in community service.[4] Since 2006,[10] he has been the director,[6][37] volunteer[74] treasurer and an executive of the Islamic Council of Victoria – the peak representative body for Muslims living in Victoria.[77]

Hussain is also a patron of RISE: Refugees, Survivors and Ex-Detainees – the only refugee organisation in Australia that is run and governed by refugees and ex-detainees.[16]



Interesting fact : Nat has been in Doctor Who.
(Well, her vocal on the Rogue Traders 'Voodoo Child' appeared in an important moment in an episode, named "The Sound Of Drums" after the line "Here come the drums")
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Lisa has an Elvis impersonator boyfriend.
And i just found out Nazeem either lives in my suburb or has family here, he has been spotted LOTS....oooo
My bestie who lives near me has seen him several times.
If I ever spot him/stalk him when he escapes the jungle, i will beg him to come on here & chat with us all:)