2023 Casting Thread


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Ha maybe some of their IG casting were complete duds and they want more (probably ig people) to apply!
The cast is never set in stone until they literally walk through the doors of the house.

Also just because someone is recruited it’s doesn’t mean they aren’t vetted like everyone else.


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This gives us all hope haha… Usually someone has spilled something by now so it’s super top secret this year by sounds of it
I believe the person who had the most information rage quit the forums when last years thread was locked.

Also unless you’re a recruit you have no hope if you haven’t made it through the regular selection process.

This thread being a dead as it is isn’t really a sign of anything. Most people applying are better off believing they don’t have a chance rather obsessing over about what stage they’re on every second of every day.


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Submitted just before the first deadline extension and no views on video. Not one second. What's the point of extending applications twice if they aren't going to look at them. Usually they do so within a week or so?


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That's quite possibly the case. I'm the town bike when it comes to these applications LOL
Probably my case too but you’d think they might see how your year has changed. I’ve had a life overhaul so definitely more to bring to the table but I’m sure they know me by now too haha. Well if anyone has got through to next round congrats to you & all the best with the remaining stages. I hope you make it!