2017 Celebrity Predictions

So the confirmed list is:

US Sitcom Star Tom Arnold
Comedian Nazeem Hussain
AFL Legend Dane Swan
Shock Jock Steve Price
Australian Actor Jay Laga'aia
Pop Diva Natalie Bassingthwaighte
Olympian Lisa Curry
Singing Sensation Casey Donovan
Reality Star Ash Pollard
Beauty Queen Tegan Martin
7/10 ain't bad. Nazeem Hussain, Dane Swan and Ash Pollard were my downfalls. I was so confident in Aker! Nazeem looks familair to me, but if I walked past him in the street I'd have no idea who he was. I think Ash will be fantastic.


Ooo now i know who Nazeem is he is friggin hilarious, his Brown comedy is awesome. He is far bigger deal than the last comic dudes.
Akmal was depressing, Joel was - who the f are you, but entertaining.

I am very happy we get Ash instead of some airhead glamour girl from bachelor or whatever, Ash can squash some stupid males if they are sexist or annoying, and being a good cook is a leg up.
She and Nat are really nice women.[DOUBLEPOST=1485669456][/DOUBLEPOST]Legally Brown, Nazeem


Future Real Housewife
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oo looking good
Price is a control freak and will be fun to watch bitch & fight
Tom A, is a jerk, he was very hated when he was a pushy nobody married to a star.
Also, i do not think US males get our matey stuff, or sportsmanship, he will be confused and should be entertaining and likely give good gossip.
I like everyone except Tegan and Lisa, both are kind of creepy and weird, torture them.
Love Ash, her hair will go crazy, and she can cook and cut down dickheads.So glad it is her and not a bachelor airhead.
Never heard of the footy dude
But are they repeating? for everyone with eyes will surely want to see the tennis match of the century?

I don't follow tennis, but hell last night was history, and again tonight. These matches are events, not normal tennis.
The eps go up on TenPlay pretty soon afterwards so you can watch there


thanks @delcan , hopefully I can flick between mostly, tennis isn't my thing, but it feels like this is one not to miss.
Glad I watched it all last night, I love those sisters


Duffman says a lot of things! Oh yeah!
Well done everybody on their guesses!

A lot were spot on!

Ash from MKR and Nazeem Hussain were the only ones who really threw us!

I'm pretty sure someone in here even predicted Tom Arnold as well! :)
I'm guessing that the socialite that is going in to the jungle tonight is Jodhi Meares

WAS married to someone famous
lived the billionaire lifestyle

That sounds like Jodhi Meares (Ex-wife of James Packer)