Where Are They Now?

Discussion in 'Big Brother Australia housemates forum' started by darknstormy, Dec 1, 2005.

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    Dec 1, 2005
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    Ben Williams
    Blair McDonough
    Sara-Marie Fedele
    Christina Davis
    Jemma Gawned
    Anita Bloomfield
    Peter Timbs
    Lisa Standing
    Rachel Corbett
    Gordon Sloan RIP 12 9 07
    Todd James
    Sharna West
    Andy Silva

    Peter Corbett
    Nathan Martin (Marty)
    Sahra Kearney
    Jessica Hardy
    Kieran Tanner
    Mirabai Peart
    Nathan Morris
    Brodie Young
    Turkan Aksoy
    Shannon Cleary
    Nicole Dickmann
    Aaron Benton
    Katrina Miani
    Damian Hoo

    Regina Bird
    Chrissie Swan
    Daniel McInness
    Patrick Flanagan
    Vincent Amato
    Jamie O'Brien
    Kim Drury
    Saxon Small
    Joanne Ashton
    Claire Bellis
    Ben Archbold
    Belinda Thorpe
    Carlo Marino
    Irena Bukhshtaber
    Leah White

    Trevor Butler
    Bree Amer
    Paul Dyer
    Ryan Fitzgerald
    Catherine Tremolada
    Ashalea McWalters
    Wesley Dening
    Kane Dignum
    Terri Mann
    Merlin Luck
    Bree Quartermaine (Elle)
    Krystal Ince
    Igor Vurmeski
    Aphrodite Vuitton

    Greg Mathew (Logan Greg)
    Tim Brunero
    Vesna Tofevski
    Melanie Smerdo
    Richelle Benson (Kate)
    Christie Mills
    Rita Lazzarotto
    David Mathew (Logan David)
    Dean Glucina
    Simon Deering (Hotdogs)
    Heath Tournier
    Glenn Dallinger
    Geneva Loader
    Rachael Burns
    Michelle Carew-Gibson
    Michael Farnsworth
    Gianna Pattison
    Angela Aiken
    Nelson Russell
    Constance Hall

    Jamie Brooksby
    Camilla Severi
    David Graham
    Max Panebianco
    Chris Everden
    Krystal Forscutt
    Claire Madden
    Darren Bowley
    Perry Apostolou
    Gaelan Walker
    Rob Rigley
    Lauren Clayton
    Katie Hastings
    Danielle Foote
    Dino Delić
    Jade Stack
    Michael McCoy
    Anna Lind-Hansen
    Karen Forscutt
    Elise Chen
    Tilli Clapham

    Aleisha Lee Cowcher
    Zach Douglas
    Chris "Billy" Bentley
    Travis Perkins
    Joel Scalzi
    Zoran Vidinovski
    Thomas Haynes
    Andrew Temmet
    Laura Hass
    Jamie MacDonald
    Rebecca Dent
    Emma Cornell
    Susannah Murray
    Nick Sady
    Hayley Zalewski
    Demet Sahan
    Bodie Czeladka
    Theresa jane
    Kate Gladman
    Harrison Rhoades
    Kara Otter
    Travers "Cruz" Chue

    Alice Redwood
    Ben McCallum
    Bianca Benigno
    Brigitte Stavaruk
    Ed Cherry
    David Tchappat
    Dixie Crawford
    Michael Crafter
    Nathan Strempel
    Nobbi Tanaka
    Rebecca Morgan
    Renee Black
    Rhianna Baxter
    Rima Hadchiti
    Rory Ammon
    Saxon Pepper
    Terrence Hardie
    Terri Munro
    Travis Keyser

    Angela "Angie" Murray
    Ava David
    Benjamin "Ben" Norris
    Bradley Darke
    Charne Louise
    Estelle Landy
    George Baramily
    Josh Moore
    Layla Subritzky
    Michael Beveridge
    Ray Baxter
    Ryan Buckingham
    Sam Wallace
    Sarah Wentworth-Perry
    Stacey Wren
    Zoe Westgarth

    Benjamin "Ben" Zabel
    Alex "Boog" Roe
    Caleb Geppert
    Anthony Drew "Drew"
    Ed Lower
    Heidi Anderson
    Jade Albany Pietrantonio
    Jasmin Bell
    Justynn Harcourt
    Katie and Lucy Mercer
    Madaline Cogar
    Matthew Filippi
    Mikkayla Mossop
    Nathan Little
    Rohan Mirchandaney
    Sharon Smith
    Tahan Lew-Fatt
    Tim Dormer
    Tully Smyth
    Xavier Holland
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  2. emjoi

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    Most are probably in bed by now.

    Quite a few ended up on radio... Nathan, Christie, Jess and ummm others.

    One guy ended up on Neighbours.
    Another guy will be on TV in about an hour doing puzzles.
    Saxon went back to working in a Jeans store.
    Carlo did 5 seconds in a Juice Bar advert.

    Most of em just went back to whatever the hell they were doing before... waiting, storekeeping, instructing gyms, handing out t-shirts at motor races, fishing for food out of park litter bins....
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  3. Ridge Rogue

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    Here's some info nicked from another site to get you started:

    Series one housemates:

    Ben Williams - series winner - went on to work for World Vision and a sports management company apparently. There has been little news around about his eye condition so hopefully everything is going well.

    Blair McDonough - series runner-up - his contract with 'Neighbours' (where he had worked since BB) was up for re-negotiation in November and it was rumoured that he was going to quit and move to the UK, where he has been a popular star in pantomimes. In November 2005 he taped his final scenes in the third week of November and he hits the States and the UK in 2006 to look for greater fame and fortune.

    Sara-Marie Fedele - series third place - she worked in a few clothing shops, then quickly launched her own clothing line, a single, a book, hosted 'Totally Wild' and more recently has appeared in car commercials, a popular dancing show and on a medical show where she had a breast reduction.

    Christina Davis - went back to being a comedian and can be seen on cable TV from time to time.

    Jemma Gawned - launched a cosmetics business that is still going strong and some lines are in major retail stores.

    Johnny Cass - appeared in movies and went back to his job as a personal trainer.

    Anita Bloomfield bought and continues to run a bar in Bondi.

    Peter Timbs - writes for a TV magazine and hangs out with the "A-list" people.

    Rachel Corbett - hosted a radio show for a while and has not been seen since.

    Lisa Standing - took off to London and has not been seen since.

    Gordon Sloan - Flash Gordon was a human shield in Iraq until the tanks came. He quickly took off, wisely but has not been since since.

    Todd James - he and his dreadlocks have not been seen since.

    Sharna West - went back to her job in an airline until it closed and she has not been seen since.

    Andy Silva - went back to work as a dominatrix and she is still doing that job.

    Series two housemates:

    Peter Corbett - series two winner - went back to his job at the hospital as an IT Consultant and also studied medicine.

    Nathan "Marty" Martin - series two runner-up - hosted a kid's game show called 'Isladares'. A few years later he moved with Jess to the Northern Territory and they got married and have started a family. That was BB's only housemate couple's wedding so far.

    Sahra Kearney - series two third place - went back to her bank job and quit. She then got a job in a tattoo parlour and declared that BB ruined her life apparently.

    Jessica Hardy - see Marty's entry above.

    Keiran Tanner - went back to selling Avon and has not been seen since.

    Mirabai Peart - has not been seen since.

    Alex Christie - went into radio advertising sales.

    Brodie Young - up until recently has not been seen since. Last week though he was apparently seen hosting a late night music show on SBS (possibly something like 'Alchemy').

    Nathan Morris - got a job in Perth where he still works on a popular radio station. He also hosted a cable TV show with Shannon (see below) called 'Takeshi's Castle' (the Japanese game show where contestants run around injuring themselves).

    Turkan Aksoy - has not been seen since.

    Nicole Dickmann - had a job for two weeks as a secretary in a modelling joint before it was exposed on TV as an alleged sham. She has not been seen since.

    Shannon Cleary - went back to the fitness company that she previously worked for after hosting a show with Nathan (see above).

    Aaron Benton - has not been seen since.

    Katrina Miani - has not been seen since.

    Damian Hoo - became a rugby player.

    Series three housemates:

    Regina Bird - series three winner - returned to her food store then divorced her husband and moved interstate. She was then allegedly swindled out of money, got her dream job as an airline hosted and declared that her colleagues were "jealous bitches" and quit and then appeared on a skating show this year.

    Chrissie Swan - series three runner-up - got a job in Queensland where she still works in a popular radio station.

    Daniel McInness - went back to his part time job in a video game arcade and is still seen in TV ads. He has not started his film company but he turns up to Australian Idol auditions each year dressed as some sort of character. This year he simply dropped his pants and sang in Jim Carrey mode whilst moving his butt cheeks. He is also a musician apparently and has released some work through an independent label.

    Patrick Flanagan - has not been seen since (except as a diner in a popular restaurant show this year).

    Anouska Golebiewski - our favourite international guest went back to the UK but has not been seen much since.

    Jamie O'Brien - co-hosted a one-off show with Jo Ashton (see below) and Johnny (see series one) and has not been seen since.

    Vincent Amato - The Cenz is still growling in the ears of women to turn them on but has not been seen since.

    Kim-Marie Drury - was driven out of her home town by the locals after saying that the place was boring on national TV. She was moved by BB to Queensland with her boyfriend at the time and has not been seen since.

    Daniel Small - this incredibly lucky guy dated the host of BB for a while but has not been seen since.

    Joanne Ashton - took up work as a barmaid and did some modelling and TV hosting, then returned to her work as a lawyer but only after moving to Queensland to be with a rugby player apparently.

    Claire Bellis - is probably still sleeping all day because she has not been seen since.

    Benjamin Archbold - is now a lawyer.

    Belinda Thorpe - returned to her job as a hairdresser and has not been seen since.

    Carlo Marino - appeared on the celebrity edition of a hypnotist's TV show and then got a job in a service station. He has not been seen on TV since.

    Leah White - has not been seen since.

    Jaime Cerda - has not been seen since.

    Irena Bukhshtaber - has not been seen since but sometimes provides commentary on another popular BB fansite apparently.

    Series four housemates:

    Trevor Butler - proposed to Breea on the series finale and married her this year. He also turned up on a celebrity fitness show but has since put the weight back on.

    Paul Dyer - apparently released a single but has not been seen since (except for the second-to-last 'Friday Night Live' (FNL) this year). He works in his surf shop where he still has quite a lot of work coming through.

    Bree Amer - took off to Noumea or somewhere like that with Mikey G late last year and this year co-hosted FNL with him and Fryzie (see below).

    Ryan "Fryzie" "Fitzy" Fitzgerald - decided not to return to football and is a co-host on a football show, a radio star and he co-hosted FNL this year.

    Catherine Tremolada - has not been seen since.

    Wesley Dening - hosts 'Totally Wild'.

    Ashalea McWalters - hosts a kids show.

    Monica de Bolso - has not been seen since.

    Violeta - has not been seen since.

    Kane Dignum - has not been seen since.

    Miriam - went back to Europe and was also exploring opportunities in the US after that.

    Merlin Luck - attends protests outside detention centres but other than that he has not been seen since but did finally become a citizen.

    Terri Mann - became a spokeperson for an online dating site but has not been seen since.

    Bree "Elle" Quartermaine - was highly embarrassed by her appearance on BB and soon became a recluse (and sadly she refuses to speak to any of her former housemates).

    Krystal Ince - has not been seen since.

    Igor Vurmeski - has not been seen much since but was due to appear in a hair loss ad and to be an ambassador for a local car manufacturer.

    Aphrodite Vuitton - had an extreme makeover including a breast enlargement but otherwise has not been seen since.

    Series five housemates: see the Where Are They Now page on site in sig file.
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  4. emjoi

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    Excellent list there.
    That Damo was smooth with the ladies. :)
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  5. I like the miriad of "has not been seen since" entries...

    like they're dead (we can only live in hope)

  6. I can tell you where Leah is, she does promotion work for some clubs in Brisbane.
  7. Poxy

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    May 11, 2005
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    Damian Hoo had a big pash-fest with chicks on the night he entered the house. He's playing rugby in Brisbane.

    I heard a rumor that Reggie may be on the dole.

    David is waterskiing at Seaworld, Greg now says he has an "entertainment company" but has been back at the sheep farm.
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  8. twisty

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    None of those names ring a bell, sorry.
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  9. washy

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    No need to apologise. We still love you regardless.
  10. bmwofoz

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    Never a agreed more with the Twisted one. well its not us who should be Sorry, its these dears that bored us all.
  11. Reece

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    There's an article in this week's Woman's Day or New Idea that is all about Vesna getting back together with her ex and how they're more in love than ever. Think its Julia Roberts on the front cover...
  12. Jenni

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    Some one mentioned recently Reggie's pulling beers in a pub in Sydney and Shannon works at Fitness First in North Sydney.
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    Thankyou i always wonder what ever happens to them all so many.................
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  14. Ridge Rogue

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    Very funny smartypants. Well apart from, "hasn't been since since", what else can you say :)

    And poor old twisted182 can't even remember their names so there you go, they're mostly long forgotten. Remember that BB 6 auditionees (no only joking).
  15. Ridge Rogue

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    Ah yes, I've been meaning to post the pic of the two of them so I'll stick it in the Vesna thread where someone asked for it in the BB HMs sub-forum.
  16. thegirlnextdoor

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    Wow, she is now psychologically disturbed? I did hear Bree see on FNL that Elle hasn't bothered contacting her, since i remember them and another housemate discussing that they were planning a trip to Thailand while they were in the house....so much for "we'll stay friends after this."

    My sister saw her like 3 months back. She still lives on the Gold Coast, still being the curvaceous hooker that she is. :p :rolleyes:
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  17. Ridge Rogue

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    Well I didn't quite say that Elle went nuts on us all but Sahra from BB 2 has also had the same experience supposedly so there's always going to be a few that don't use the opportunity positively. As for Krystal, well like the list said "hasn't been seen since" ie: on TV for example.
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  19. emjoi

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    Sorry, I wasn't being sarcastic. It was an excellent list.
    That's the trouble with forums. You can't hear the tone of voice people are using.
  20. stunner5

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    "12 blokes and one chick, but we reckon women can be funny blokes too"...


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