Gatecrasher special

Big Brother starts the show – telling them that they are all invited to a party. He says that since they evicted the oldest housemate, the average age of the house has dramatically decreased. He says that they are to attend a children’s party – with lots of surprises. Cue the opening credits.

Kyle and Jackie O come out and greet the audience, which is a rather large crowd. They recap the first week in the show and tell us that the housemates must be exhausted. Then they throw to a clip package of the first week in the house.

Back live, they talk about how Saxon might not be as clean cut as they first thought. They then talk about Rima’s pictures that were taken. Kyle says that ‘we’ meaning the show broke her leg. They cross live for the first time to the house.

They talk to Brigitte who says that the Sparkles disappearance was like an episode of CSI. Rima says that she has broken her left leg and is in a little bit of pain. She says she wishes she was still in the house, but she has some goodies (Coke and chips) and then shares some personal jokes with the rest of the house. She says she might well be back soon. Kyle wonders how Dixie is doing after seeing the message, and she cries a bit. The live cross to the house ends.

The hosts then move on to talk about Terri. They wonder whether she’ll get the chance to go back into the house. Kyle tells them that Corey will also gatecrash the house which receives a lot of boo’s from the audience, before going to a clip package of Rima’s first week in the house.

Back from the break, Jackie O tells us that the show in the end is a competition. She tells us that the 3 most popular people from the online auditions are to enter the house tonight. We meet Barney first, who is a volunteer surf lifesaver, swam at a national level for twelve years. He says he loves girls who love to cook, clean and are good in bed. He says he fears getting old. He says he wants to find himself in the spa with all the girls around him. Barney comes out and joins the hosts on stage. He says he is very excited. He tells the host that he hasn’t really had a girlfriend for years. He says he wants to find a female, but he says he warms to people and doesn’t go straight to the big-breasted ladies. They take a treasured item off his as well and he’s into the house as well.

Kyle wonders if the Spa Mafia will accept Barney. They cross live to the house again. They talk to Travis and all he wants to do is say hello to his girl, Jackie. He says he feels so a part of the house.

They cross to Nobbi who is at the window watching the party inside through the glass.. He looks so depressed. They tell him that Terri has probably been watching all week and wonder if he has a message for Terri. He says he does, and tells Terri to ‘Go and jam yourself!’ Kyle tells Nobbi to hang in there and they cut to a commercial break.

Back to the house live, they seem to have been sent outside and are all sitting on the lawn. Big Brother apologises for interrupting their party, but he tells the house that some people auditioned online and the three most popular haven’t even entered the house yet. He says that the three people chosen by the public pose the biggest threat to everyone in the house. He tells them that 3 more people will enter the house tonight, and they enter the house as housemates, not intruders. Big Brother tells them to say hello to Barney. Rebecca looks absolutely stoked and introduces herself by saying “Hi Barney, I’m Rebecca…what’s your name?!” Barney introduces himself to everyone else.

Back to the hosts who throw to a clip package of the second housemate, who is Nathan. He says he first got into DJ’ing at a mate’s 21st. He says he used to play a bit of competitive sports, even Chess. He says he loves Transformers. He says he loves life, but likes to look out for others as well. Nathan makes his way onto the stage. Kyle wonders why he wanted to audition. He says he wanted to be on “It’s a knockout” and Friday Night Live was the closest possible show. He says that he is single, and comes from Adelaide and has about five different jobs to make some cash. He has a trophy for his treasured item. He takes forever to make his way through the crowd on his way to the house.

Back on stage, the hosts crap on about a Twister competition for a chance to win cash. They cut to a Twister diary about people hooking up in the house. A few funny comments, but they are few and far between. Brigitte reckons that no one dislikes her. Then they have the girls all lining up complaining about her. After the break Kyle tells us that Nathan will enter the house.

Back from the break and the housemates are still getting to know Barney. However, Big Brother tells them that Nathan was voted number two and he then enters. Barney introduces himself by saying “I came in 10 minutes ago.” He says he’s from Adelaide. Back on the stage it’s time for the most popular web mate, Michael. He says he wasn’t the perfect teen growing up. He says he doesn’t do drugs, smoke or drink anymore. Thanks to being in bands he’s been lucky to have seen the world. He says he has 20,000 friends on my Space. Michael doesn’t get a stage interview, he’s sent straight into the house. He enters and introductions all round as usual. Ben notices straight away that he’s been in bands, and he says that he’s really good.

Kyle reveals that everyone is up for eviction next week; well the original 12 housemates anyway. And it’s even easier to vote this year, you simply vote to save the housemates you want to save. More info to come later. Up after the break, Corey will be on stage.

Back live in the house Ben is filling one of the new housemates in on when they got their kitchen and what else has been going on in the house over the first week. Bianca tells Nathan that they should be getting a task tomorrow, and Nobbi then tells him that he won Friday Night Live and explains the prize.

Back at the stage, Kyle gives us a clip package of Corey Worthington. It goes over his funny moments with the media. He says he loves his glasses, but he’s sweet when it comes to the ladies. He says that Australia hasn’t seen the real person that he is and that’s why he wants to go into the house. Here comes the boo’s, Corey comes onto the stage. He takes a seat and says he’s pretty nervous. He says he wants to show people what he’s really like. He says a lot of people have the wrong idea about him. Lots of booing. He says he doesn’t really have a girlfriend, he’s just looking for fun and to have some fun. Corey agrees that he will follow Big Brother’s rules and he’ll also be given a mission while he is inside the house. His treasured item is a little doll which looks crazy. They say good luck and he’s off too.

Kyle tells us that Corey is for a shock as soon as he enters the house. We go back to the house and the guys are all talking in the backyard. Michael says it’s bigger than he thought. He tells the guys that he has a girlfriend. David lets the guys know about the Spa Mafia.

Back with Kyle and Jackie, it’s time to get ready for Terri. Kyle tells us that Terri’s mission will have something to do with Corey. Commercial break.

Back on stage again, they let us have a look at some of Terri’s best moments. They bring out Terri once again. She says it’s all so bizarre. She says she was a bit upset but she expected to go. She wants to say a few things to a couple of the housemates should she go back in. Kyle wonders if she didn’t like Nobbi because he is Asian. She says that is definitely not the case. Kyle asks Terri her opinion of Corey Worthington. She says that he’s a moron. They tell her that Corey is about to walk into the house, however he is only 17 years old so he’s a minor and thus he needs a guardian. She says she would love the challenge. She will re-enter the house shortly alongside Corey.

Back in the house live, the housemates are just chatting in the backyard. Ben is still filling in Barney about the time in the house to date. Back on stage with the hosts who tell us that it’s time for them to enter. Straight back to Big Brother. “Housemates, tonight you have met your biggest threats to winning. The party is only just began. Housemates, Big Brother has a houseguest for you. Say hello to party boy Corey.” The housemates are laughing a bit. David says “Not wearing your sunnies?!” He doesn’t know how long he is staying for but he thinks 10 days. They say that he seems very nervous. Saxon takes him into the house to show him around. Back with Kyle who throws to a package explaining what the housemates think of Terri. Back to the house we go – housemates still gathered outside. Big Brother interrupts again. “How are you enjoying your party?” “Housemates, Big Brother has a predicament. At 17 years of age Corey is considered a minor.” Alice yells out “Terri”. Nobbi looks devastated when Big Brother fills him in that Terri will be returning. Nobbi says that he won’t be going near her! Terri re-enters the house! Nobbi is swearing beyond belief. He is still going off. We’ve had audio outage for 20 seconds now for some reason. He can’t be swearing that much.” Rory gives Nobbi a hug. Nobbi says that it’s so bad. Commercial break.

Back for the final segment of the night. David asks Corey if he’s talking to his parents again. He says he is. Kyle tells us about the voting. There will be no nominations; the people with the least amount of save phone votes each week will face elimination. However, the housemates will decide who will get evicted each week. The FNL winner from this week will also have a special power in regards to evictions. And that’s the end of the show. They remind us to tune into Big Mouth tomorrow night. Nobbi has just spoken to Terri by the look of it but we missed it. Dixie gives Nobbi a hug. Terri has just realised that Rima isn’t here, and Dixie fills her in. Credits start to roll.

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