Privacy Policy

This page explains how Behind Big Brother uses information you provide to us while using the website. We keep it short and sweet.

  • When you provide personal details to us, these details will only ever be used for the purpose stated on the collection page. For example: signing up on the forums or adding a comment to an article.
  • We don’t sell personal details or distribute them unless the law requires us to.
  • We use cookies – these are small data files stored on your computer. They aren’t linked to personally identifiable information but are required for features such as the forums to work correctly.
  • We also use cookies to keep statistics such as how many people visit the site, how they found the site, what browser they are using or what articles they find popular.
  • You are not required to enter personally identifiable information on our site.
  • If you decide to provide personally identifiable information about yourself on our forums, we aren’t responsible. It’s against our Terms of Use.
  • We display ads on our website that are served by Google. They have their own privacy policy which you should also read.

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