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hey Mr S - just racing past and thought I'd pop in and say hi! Haven't been checking the forums lately so haven't caught up on any news ... I hope your move has gone smoothly and you're all settled in by now to your new abode. Wishing you good health and much happiness :)
Take care Mr S - will hopefully catch up again soon on the boards :)
I am so thrilled that Big Brother is coming back to our screens that i might go out and buy a new telly to celebrate! :D
Hi Mr Sticky can’t find the pm option. Just wanted to thank you for being so much fun on the forum and keeping things going.
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Mr Stickyfingers
Mr Stickyfingers
...why thankyou very much Beachsands... that's so kind of you to say so sweet lady... and also... if you wish to PM someone you simply click on their Avatar within any forum and you will see a 'start conversation' option... simply click on that and only you and that person will be able to read that conversation... I hope that helps... cheers.