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Worst part of this year's Big Brother?

What has been the worst part of this year's Big Brother?

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The pen is mightier than the sword.
Gemma's eviction, four new housemates and late start times.

Might I add, Jason and Sandra's eviction. I'd swap their spots for Skye and Travis.


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From the get go I think it was poorly cast. I actually think the four intruders being in from the beginning would have been a wiser decision, and weaker HMs such as Jake, Leo, Dion, Cat, Aisha and Lisa could have been sent in later (or not at all!). Unethical as it may be, we all know the editing and tasks serve to manipulate the audience in an effort to steer the voting results, so if they're going to do that, they should have supported more interesting HMs such as Gemma and Katie (even Jason) with favourable storylines, so their influence affected the house for longer. It would have made for a more interesting show. Ultimately though, I think the casting showed a total lack of insight. They touted Leo as an alpha who was going to shake up the house dynamics - um, what a joke. Priya, also has not lived up to expectation. David was more of a negative irritant than someone who stimulated discussion and drama - he had his bitch face on the entire season. And did they really think Aisha was going to be this year's Tahan? Just goes to show how superficial they are in their assessment of suitable HMs. Both are exotic beauties I guess, but that is where the similarity ends - Aisha is about as interesting and a damp dishcloth. The excruciatingly forced, self-conscious showmances were also misjudged. As if any of them came close to the dramatic value of Drully. I disagree that every season needs a Tim, but every season needs a diverse mix of interesting personalities, and I believe it takes a broader search than the bargain bin of wannabe radio "personalities", promo models, and "actors" they usually trawl through, to find the right blend of naturally interesting HMs needed to make the show work.


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The lack of hm's time in the house. We didn't get to see much of anything, just snippets of fights and stupid tasks that have been done before. And some stuff that happened when the hm's got a bit too much alcohol in their systems. The shows this year were very repetitive which is boring and it seemed like half of the time someone was being evicted in a show as well, more repetition. There was definitely not enough airtime of what was going on in there. I mean I know Cat & Lawson fell in love(??? Bullshit) but I didn't see it happen, just the end result. Also the hm's were not chosen well in my opinion. The show needs more diverse characters instead of the same old, entertainment crowd. Nice to look at but not interesting enough. I mean do they have to be a certain bikini size to get into that house? Are they're muscles measured before they are allowed in? I didn't like this season much at all. Its sad cause I love Big Brother, always have. :)


I picked the show disappearing on Friday and Sunday but I did not like how they handled Gemma's eviction at all and also I didn't care for the whole sleeping beauty bit.


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Umm how come the percentages of this poll don't equal 100% ?
Shouldn't the add up too that?
... Just wondering, not picking ;)


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Cutting back to effectively one episodes a week, if that, of pure BB has killed it. With nominations and two live eviction shows every week that's only left one where the focus was on house action - and even then most weeks it revolved around the latest pathetic twist.

And every promo and press release Channel Nine issue just show how important a continual live feed is, even if it is just Twitter updates. BB fans aren't sold at all on promises from Channel Nine - it's little nuggets of information which encourage them to watch. I'm absolutely certain that the cost of providing live website updates, even a full 24/7 feed, would be less than the advertising revenue lost by ratings practically falling in half.


Prisus for the winner of Big Brother 2014!
Definetly the late start times for me because I have to go to school and I think that the Friday and Sunday shows going away was a bad move on Nines behalf. Other than that I have enjoyed this season!


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Gemma's eviction was horrible and is still up there for setting the tone of this series...
...following extremely closely by the whole Skye is going to win vibe. Ugh.
lol i LOVED Gemma's eviction! it was probably the most memorable moment of BB 2014.