Winter Chill


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I'm finding it really cold. As I've said before, I grew up in England. I remember winter temperatures here were a steady 16C when I came here, and in the UK 16C was a nice summers day. How things have changed!


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No, I remember I arrived here in the July. September I was spreadeagled on the beach wondering why I was on my own and people were walking by on the promenade in jumpers when I was in my bikini😂
Sixteen degrees at the beach in a bikini is a little bit too cool for me! Haha! I could maybe do eighteen degrees if the sun was out. I like the beach in winter but I have to be rugged up.

But where I live, sometimes in winter the temperature doesn't get into double digits during the day and nights are often well below much so that our car doors freeze shut at times. Now that's a pain in the arse!
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Not long ago, my backyard was the mountains & orange groves (lovely smell during summer)
Currently, it's nearly summer & may get to upper 90s this week
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