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Will BB be on TV in NZ this year?

John Vorback

New Member
Having looked at the websites of the major channels, I can't see anything. Does anyone know if it has been picked up in NZ this year?


Active Member
Weren't they a few weeks behind last year?
i think it was only about a week behind which was mind blowing considering the 2013 and 2014 series were months behind. but in terms of the same happening this year, im doubtful as last year it quickly moved from primetime to a late night slot because the viewership just wasn’t there - even by three’s low standards


Doubt it will be on anytime soon. Three have only ever used Big Brother as a gap filler.

Last year it only aired so close to Australia and in primetime for the first time since 2004 because COVID-19 delayed The Block NZ an entire year and they had to fill a gap. But yeah, ratings were terribad last year that it'll probably show up in a late afternoon slot later in the year, if at all.


Given the massive failure on Three last year, TVNZ must've gotten the show for dirt cheap to be able to dump it online-only and make it a worthwhile investment.

I wonder what "same day as Australia" means - whether its when the episode is available online via Seven's website (is that usually immediately once the broadcast is done, or the next day?) or when it hits 7:30PM AEST and the episode is airing or when the broadcast is done two hours later...