Who will host in 2020?


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I think channel 7 have made all these changes to the big brother australia (not for revolution but to try to save money) and they are a little bit scared that traditional bb aus watchers may be put off. So they think to themselves: "Hmmmmm, we better have one of the old hosts back, just so there isn't any tantrums."

So they go to Gretel and Gretel rejects them because she has integrity.

Then they go to Sonia Kruger and she signs on the dotted line as soon as she realises it's going to be a show about kicking people off an island.


Never again
If people want familiarity, Mike Goldman should be the host.

I don't consider Sonia synonymous enough with Big Brother.

ch 7 might though.

i'd actually consider mike goldman a good choice as host. though i realise he has zero to sero percent chance of getting the job.


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Pettifleur Berenger should also be considered.



He has zero chances of landing any job
Poor Mike.

It's funny that the show has had a very large number of live shows (other than FNL) at this point and he's had a contractual right to be the backup host should the permanent host not be available and he's only been able to host two shows in 2008 - and that's only because Kyle didn't care about the show at all and couldn't be bothered turning up.


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I don't think Lisa Oldfield has been a television host, but I think she does have media experience pre-Housewives?


Anyway it's a moot point as it looks increasingly likely that Sonia is going to be the host.

Maybe Oldfield can try to have a go next Big Brother Australia revival?


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Maybe Sophie can host Big Brother now?
Would you like a Sophie and Sonya duo, or would you dump Sonya for Sophie?


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Didn't Sonia do that back in 2014?

No. I mean like every single eviction. Sophie can strut to the door, open the door... "Hello Housemates. To the lounge please". None of this camera crossing stuff anymore as there is no live audience.
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