Who will be Auditioning for Big Brother Australia 2015?


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It would have been fun to go on BB back in Ch 10 days but now its crap.
No streaming, uplate etc so as we know the daily shows less adverts, Sonya talking, highlights of previous show etc limits the actual content of what is happening between HM's to maybe 30-40 mins a day for only 3 or 4 days a week.
Its getting worse each year, next year it will probably be half Big Brother half Aust got talent :) or was that this year


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I was thinking last night what type of housemate I'd be..

I get really bored, destructive and annoying when I have nothing to do and I start making my own fun.. I also get pretty cranky really easily and like making funny, snide comments about people, and to people.

... Yep, I most likely wouldn't last. Haha


Yeah I LOLed too. Brilliant reply from Reepbot.
I would love them to get rid of the whole *family Friendly* content on big brother! I want
It's a once in a lifetime opportunity.

Everyone who can apply should apply.

The more that apply, the more chance everyday people will get in.

It's a full experience as well. You just never know, you could be the next housemate.
It"s a date :) haha! Doubt I will EVER become an actual housemate! love auditions, best fun :)


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When the show came back in 2012 we decided, because we were now 18, that we would audition every year. Like it would be our new tradition.
And we did it... Once.. In 2012.. Haven't been back.

Maybe we'll get back to our roots if it's back next year.


I have only auditioned twice for big brother, Once YEARS ago when it first started! and 2 years ago haha! met the most amazing fun people there :p Crazy kids! Actually work at the place i first auditioned (Weird) Big brother auditions is something you have to experience at least once in your life! wow. incredible!!! anyways I have become way too obsessed with this show and now going back to the real world before I start rambling on again......Peace out :)


Thanks Rad Kid. But I think I'm too old to meet their criteria. 37 atm ... 38 next year.
They seem to want younger people.

I hope you get in though. Your comments on here are soooo funny. :)
Thanks! You should apply, don't think like that!!!! Most older people that audition can't go on because they have mortages/ bills/ kids they can't leave for 3 months! if you can be free for that long, go audition!!! haha Trust me, it's awesome fun :p Would love to see more older people on the show!!!