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Who Is The Most Arrogant Housemate Left In The Game?

Who Is The Most Arrogant Housemate?

  • Skye

    Votes: 89 66.4%
  • Dave

    Votes: 37 27.6%
  • Priya

    Votes: 26 19.4%
  • Ryan

    Votes: 32 23.9%
  • Travis

    Votes: 13 9.7%
  • Leo

    Votes: 12 9.0%
  • Lina

    Votes: 15 11.2%
  • Penny

    Votes: 3 2.2%

  • Total voters


David. He was the outcaste, Skye was the only person who bothered to speak to him, other male housemates get evicted and he buddies up with Ryan and ape-man Tom to form some super cool bro alliance. All of a sudden thinks he runs the house, is condescending to everyone around him and is plain crude at times. Newfound friends for him = newfound cockiness
Skye, followed by Priya. Lina is up there too and Leo a little, though he seems a little more worn-out and natural now. I don't think David is arrogant, I think he just gets overly excited when people listen to him and accept him (which can happen to me and people assume its arrogance, but it's just over-excitement).


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My perception of an arrogant person is someone who always believes they're right and overlooks their own faults. They don't compromise for anyone.

In that case, it's Dave or Ryan.

Skye can be arrogant at times, but she's more open to people confronting her about things. She doesn't always think her way is the only way.