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Which Evicted 2014 Housemates Are You Still Following on Social Media?


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I will follow David too on his twitter and facebook.


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Everyone. Some may have not been my fave but if so I'm not going to be throwing hate at them. I'm just interested to see what they say and post.

Haven't bothered following any on facebook though. Just twitter and instagram.


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None. And I try to skip the posts about them in the antics thread. The mean kids wannabe club does nothing for me: Jake, Lisa, Katie, Jacob. Dion isn't on Twitter. Cat was smart enough to delete her Twitter and go quiet. Richard or was it Tom don't have Twitter, Lawson don't care. Marinna, Sandra too dull in the house to maintain interest.
I did read Gemmas thread here. I support her. Sam is too angry for me, but I support his athletic drive. Aisha has beauty and style so she's ok to see photos of.

Most of them mean nothing, though I do wish them well.

marsha brady

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sandra has blog though, which i think is a cool idea. i hope she does like mikk and keeps using it regularly


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I have then all because I love when 3 months after the show has finished, the bitch fights come out.

Seriously though I usually follow a few from each season and then the next year when they bore me I unfollow. With a few exceptions