What music or songs are you listening to?


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So back at the turn of the millennium before Idol or The X Factor there was a show called Popstars… Here’s Canada’s entries.

Season 1 - Girl Group:

Sugar Jones… Had a couple hits before the group broke up. I think they broke up shortly after their second single. Their first single went to number 1 but the second fizzled despite the fact that it’s pretty good.

First single:

Second single:

The second group - Mixed group:

Velvet Empire… The group lasted about a year before breaking up. They had one single and it’s complete trash. This was the season I watched so I did buy their album and I do feel a bit of nostalgia over it.



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Got 'Moon River' stuck in my head, only because I watched the film Breakfast at Tiffany's on the weekend. Seen it so many times but I can't resist watching it again.


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I was searching through youtube for Micheal Jackson earlier when he was here in Australia back in 1996. I have mentioned a while ago in this thread how he came out of the Grand Hyatt hotel here in Melbourne to greet the fans and how I had missed my bus because all of the fans had basically blocked the road and the bus couldn't make my stop.

Anyway I actually found this video clip and it must actually be that exact time and place as I had mentioned it's exactly how I remember him coming out from the Grand Hyatt hotel here in Melbourne and he was wearing a face mask. I actually got goose bumps watching this right now as I know you can't see me but I was somewhere in the background on the street as my bus stop area was basically surrounded by Michael Jackson fans. It's just uncanny thinking that that actual time and place in time has been recorded and saved and is on youtube! Wow that takes me back alright. It's spot on at they mention is was around 5:30pm and that was around the time I used to get my bus home from work in the city of Melbourne. I can't believe there was actually footage of this and I only just watched this now after all those years! Awesome! :D