What happens after a Big Brother Series


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Hmmmm. I wonder which HM was added last minute to BB2012 if they pulled Tim out at the last moment... Would've been very interesting to see Michael and Tim together.

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Thanks [MENTION=486]bleachy_dude[/MENTION]. Very very interesting article!

I still dislike Alex though. :p


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Probably a long shot, but does anyone know what the pay is for the producers (Execs, supervising, assistant etc) or any other crew?


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Thanks for that Goon and Bleachy_dude. I like the bit about them valuing intelligent housemates more now than in the past. That's a promising sign.


Great article, thanks [MENTION=99]Goon[/MENTION] and [MENTION=486]bleachy_dude[/MENTION] for sharing. So [MENTION=99]Goon[/MENTION] don't suppose you are going to tell us what you do when BBAU isn't on air?