What do you like and hate most about Australia?


Never again
Like- Tina Arena, our reality shows, the weather, letters and numbers, the wildlife

Hate- magpies, states with too much power, mosquitos, awful comedians, the project


Good idea for a thread @Columbo / reeps

No borders with anyone, such a huge advantage
Sparse population, keeping distance is my natural state
Our fantastic birds, a real surprise for most tourists, I love the pretty parrots 🦜 in my front yard, and the flocks of cockatoos that fly over every morning and evening, magpies are my friends so they never attack me
People, most people here are friendly and nice
Our bountiful fruit.....summer is coming
Food is good here
Manners, surprisingly we do tend to be polite..tourist do comment they notice our please and thank you, even to our bus drivers
Music, our music talent is awesome
All of our arts a pretty good
RTV we make some the best, on sbs,abc and 10
Forgot,no guns

RTV we make some of the worst on 9 and 7
Politicians, politics...it all sucks, except the labor women
Drinking too much, alcoholism is far too common, drink culture here is dumb
Male macho violent culture
Class distinctions, and pretending they do not exist, old money peeps look down their rich noses at us peasants


Just thought of some hates


WTF TURDS on radio and tv........Bolt and even worse Alan Jones ....how the F did he get such power
Eddie, and everyone on 9
Oh and fuck the royals, if you really want that system, then let us elect the royal we like, Kate
Nobody is royal, what stupid idea


Battle with monsters, lest ye become a monster
To love Australia is to commit yourself to a lifetime of disappointment.


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Australia could be an amazing place if not for the corruption, greed, racism, xenophobia etc. It is held back by values from some conservative decade long past. And currently the government is being held hostage by weirdo Pentecostals.

Imagine what it would be like if it were more chilled out and welcoming? Could be an absolute paradise.
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