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Hi everyone,

We are opening the doors to the forums once again. It wouldn't be the BBB forums without a hack, right?

Everything's been rolled back to the 23rd of December, so you get to live Christmas and New Years all over again. Yay. For the time being the forums are only open to existing members.

There was some data loss. A handful of users have also lost their accounts, and I'm sorry about that. Please email me if you can't log into your account for any reason and I'll investigate (expect a turnaround of a couple of days at least).

Getting the forums back online took longer than anticipated. There are many technical, schedule and personal reasons for this, and I'm sorry for the time it took. I know there was discussion in relation to donations - I just want to reiterate that at no point had I intended to abandon BBB. In fact, I'm saddened we missed an important date - January 17th was the 10 year anniversary of the forums. Never say die!

Now, to address some more serious issues:

The Priya hating hacker has made vague comments about exposing personal conversations. We have no reason to believe these threats have merit, but should anything be posted please report it to us immediately.

Please also remember this hacker is, essentially, an attention seeker. So if anything is posted the absolute best thing you can do is to not read the material, share it or talk about it. Attention seekers tend to fade away if their hunger isn't being satisfied. Don't feed the trolls.

Secondly, it was very disappointing that during the forum downtime I received personal threats against me as a result of the forums not being available. I don't need to explain why this is not cool, and it's not in the spirit of our community. The threat has been forwarded to the police, and anything similar in the future will not be tolerated.

A biiiiiiig thanks to our hosts VentraIP who did so much behind the scenes tinkering-under-the-hood while the forums were down to get this place running ship shape.

So welcome back, let's get chatting again.

And finally:

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TH FORUMS WERE FREED! Thank Prisus! I was starting to get worried we might have lost this place for good.

As for the death threats, take it as a compliment that you've built something that people care so much about. But at the same time, not cool and I hope those people get what's coming to them.
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