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I'm jumping on the change is as good as a holiday team. And while a skinny latte is no white chocolate mocha, it does have a nice ring to it :)

I've regretted having the ' in my user name from about day 2 after it was changed yonks ago.
@Tim - Could I get my user name jazzed up to be elcoolio please? TIA


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Hi @Tim: I just sent the site a PM but then just found this thread!

I actually thought it would be much harder to change the username, since a lot of forums even require a fee!

I would really like to change my username to ANTONIA. I hope that doesn't push into two lines under my avatar! I've been using my current one for everything since I was 15 so it's time to get rid of it! Thank you :)
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No more username changes for the rest of the Big Brother season.

Sorry to be an ass but I received *6* requests for this today and it's getting a bit ridic. When Marq and I are running around doing admin tasks like this it takes time away from other cooler things like setting up access to the archives for you.

The only exception will be for people who signed up via Facebook and accidentally set their username as their real name and wish to change it.


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Good for you @AM_092 - all the best.

I get what you're saying but I'm sure keeping your current handle on here will be ok for that purpose. Failing that, there's only like 6 weeks of the season remaining, even less at the current rate of double evictions, so it won't be long until you can change :)