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US 2020 Presidential Election


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Ahh Trump's sarcasm is out again!

Out of interest I checked the stats on that...

Current total cases per 1 million population
Mexico 193
California 1435
All USA 3664

Current death rate per 1 million poulation
Mexico 18
California 58
All USA 211
He’s just soooo ........... sarcastic?


Ooo la la.......Twitter is sick of of him!!!
They have begun putting “fact check” addendums to his lies
Bullshit from Trump gets an official footnote.....pointing out the truth
I imagine this is a legal issue for Twitter now, they could get sued for his idiot promotion of deadly “cures”

How will dimwit deal?
His favourite place giving him a public spanking


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I think Biden isn't particularly left to start with

I also think that he has also apologised for that dumbarse comment which is more than can be said for some of the comments Trump has made on twitter over ther weekend disparaging the name of people who died 20 years ago to get back at a senator, and calling women disgusting and degrading things.

Do I think Biden is a great candidate? nope. But I do think he is the lesser of two evils.
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