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Here to Reign™
Awesome site donor
I have to laugh at some of the ads I'm seeing. Muslim dating sites and Meet Pakistani women.

Wouldn't have anything to do with having searched for hot Arab men would it? I totally never did that!
"Asiadear.com: New relationship, ready ? View More Beauties..."
Metalhead dating popping on mine here today... Damn my curiosity on what Sebastian Bach from skid row was doing with himself lol.
Well I'm getting ads to meet Tinder girls!


Here to Reign™
Awesome site donor
We can double date. You and your Tinder girl, and me with my Pakistani woman. :eek:
YES! We'll make the new PM happy with our traditional bearded relationship.

Forum gaydar is broken.
Next time someone questions my st8 acting abilities I'll refer them to the forum.

Between you, me and Consuela, I guess no-one needs to worry about how much Google knows about us then...
I'm deeply embedded in Google ecosystem so it really ought to know by now. Maybe I need to come out to Google?

Mr Stickyfingers

an old fart that rants at times...
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...yes I miss using this combination 2018-09-09_10-24-50.jpg that I quite often put together in a lot of my posts too oddjob... I guess that the challenge now is to find ones that convey our feelings in the same way eh?... although... none do for me at the moment so it's a 'work in progress' I guess?... lol!... cheers.