Time to change


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Yes, how is it all going? Someone I work with has been talking about wanting to do the light and easy program, but they are fussy with food and that will be their main issue. But she is still looking into it and it made me think of you.


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I am here! I took some time away from the boards, trying to concentrate more at work...
I have lost about 15kg now. I have been cheating on the diet a lot... but trying to be good more often than not. I plan for next Friday to be a relaunch of sorts... it is really tough to stick to LiteNeasy on the weekends because you have to be near a microwave for most meals, which is impossible when you try and have a life at the same time.
I have noticed non-scale related victories, like clothing getting looser and mobility getting a bit better.
It is a long journey and I am still only at the very beginning... impatience is my weakness.
Thanks for all of the support and sorry I haven't posted an update. You guys rock.


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Great news, AtlantaRose! 15kg is an excellent achievement. I reckon relaxing your diet on weekends is fine. Life is for living and enjoying, so sharing dinner with friends or enjoying a party is not 'bad' or 'cheating'. Sticking to a diet means being consistent, though, and if you have pizza and wine on Sunday night, just make sure that you're vigilant with your food/drink for the rest of the week.

Congrats again, on your weight loss.


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Well done AtlantaRose. Keep it up. Being balanced like that means you are much more likely to be able to stick to it and maintain the weight once you get it all off.


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Good for you! You've done well so far. Celebrate your small victories with a small treat maybe. It's hard work, but you are doing great :)


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Hey awesome news @AtalantaRose, 15kgs is a great result! It must be really encouraging to be seeing results. Don't worry about "cheating" on your nutrition either, my mum is a dietitian and she lives by the 80/20 rule of eating well 80% of the time and indulging the other 20% and typically advises this. I don't think anyone expects you to become a social pariah in your quest for health, as long as you stay focused it's fine.

Well done!