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(Mods, I couldn't find a thread specifically on this. Sorry if one exists, splice away.)

So, today is Friday, and the live feeds show the game getting interesting. The noms are finalized, fears and tears are starting from the girls, plans of revenge and survival starting from the boys, (gender stereotypes starting from the forumers), and with three days until eviction Channel 9 chooses to induce radio silence, after a Friday night episode that is as satisfying as half a cup of tea. Then, we see a bit in flashback on Tuesday, and about 16 minutes of recap on Monday, not even Sunday.

Why did channel 9 pick up the show when they clearly have no real feel for what its audience want, or what the show needs to function as best it can. Channel 10 seemed to get it, and they tried different things. A daily show, sure. Once a week 'adult' edition, for naughty jokes and boobs, late night spying for the insomniacs and stalkers, which also included audience interaction. It was aired during the winter, when people are into their work or school routine, and it gives them something to talk about next day, then takes the weekend off, but capped the weekend, on a Sunday night, with the brash spectacle of eviction, where Gretel would actually ask questions and in some way make evicted housemates publicly account for their flaws and celebrate their victories before a howling national audience. Noms on Monday, giving the politics time to breathe before next Sunday.

Compared to: a daily show, ok, eviction on Monday, noms Tuesday - but finalized on Thursday, a really short unsatisfying Friday show then nothing for 3 days. No up late, no audience interaction, despite how easy it would be in this age of Twitter, podcasts, online live feeds etc. No 'adult' content, just a choreographed Feast for pashes and a bit of convo. No psycholgists. No Big Mouth style thing. Why not a show talking obout the hot topics on here?

This forum does a better job of maintaining a fan community than the official channels. Oh, and I watch the whole thing on youtube because in 2013 Channel 9 has not seen the potential for a global audience and cannot see the videos on the official site, forcing me to go pirate. And they hunt the posters, making it even more difficult for people to watch and enjoy their show.

Why no internet based 24/7 coverage? They have the cameras, the footage, sell advertising, go nuts. Why a ditsy host who clearly doesn't know anything about the show beyond what she is told to say - Tim is the funny one, Ben is adorable, there is a cute romance between Tully and Drew.

Get offa my damn porch.
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I think that you have just summed up what most people on this forum think about channel 9 and their attempt to make Big Brother. I agree with most of what you just said.

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Yeah I still like the show now on its own merits but damn it was good to have uncut and especially up late. It was a really good relaxed format, sitting around on a couch with games and stuff and Mike chatting with people having fun, watching actual live feeds from the house and clips of stuff they couldn't show earlier when the housemates got boring or went to sleep. Even better than Rage for late night inebriated entertainment

Pia Iese

i agree, sheesh what a huge investment for nothing, hardly what i cal a big brother experiment, probably political between the networks, a way to boost other home grown shows on there network. I thought Big brother was a poetry on Surveillance society yet in a 24 hour day we get an hour or on other days half an hour, we need to see more gameplay and strategy, if i was in there, i woulwant themoney, but i see most people are in there for fame.