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this is the worst season ever



I have been a big brother fan since the beginning, I have watched a grand total of 1 hour this year. I'm over the young kids with no substance, looks like it's becoming like the rest of the world full of pretty no brain talent, if you consider plastic people pretty!


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Just a few more days and these innumerable slander threads all saying the sane thing can stop. Except I bet they won't.
It's not slander unless it isn't true. If I'm going to be pedantic about it, you should have said libel, not slander - slander refers to the spoken word, libel to print. And yes, it is "the sane thing" to say this season of BB has been the worst ever. :)


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I don't think its the housemates who have made it bad, I think some of them are very strong, its the editing, the faux storylines and the forced interaction we are subjected too that has made it hard to watch, these housemates in a traditional season wouldn't have been too bad a mix

Max Power

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I don't think 1 hour of watching it is enough to make that call, yeah this season obviously had very little of the production values that used to make BB excellent but if you want to measure it by the quality of the housemates I'd say it's among the better seasons.


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Easily. At least 2008 had live streaming, web content, weekend coverage, a panel show, as well as some care factor. I wouldn't care as much now if it got axed as I did with 2008.


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I really dislike the lack of live feeds or live updates.
I detest the inconsistent scheduling.

However this season has still managed to give me plenty of laughs and smiles. I've enjoyed getting to know these characters as much as we could. I've enjoyed the community that builds in this place chatting about it. I've enjoyed @Luke Blundell's interviews and being able to get to know the evictees even more.
I've enjoyed the actual house itself, one of the best decorated houses we have ever had.
I have quite a few friends / colleagues etc. who would never join this forum but love the show and it's been fun texting and chatting with them. There's no other show quite like it.

Could I see ways to improve it? Absolutely.

Is that going to stop me from enjoying what we DO HAVE? Certainly not :)

Disregard my post and call me peachy or positive dude, I'm ok with that. In the end. I have enjoyed the 2014 BB experience just as I have every other previous season.