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...I wouldn't want to be the 'tattooist' that is doing that when that rather big beefy guy see's what it actually looks like... I bet he is now in prison for murder... cheers.


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Whats the name of a popular Lebanese country singer? Salim Dusty :D

I got a dolphin tattoo on my ankle, but i had to get it removed. it kept getting caught in my fishnets D:



NEW YORK Two Buildings on Canal Street Are Waging a Post-it War in Their Windows


What reportedly started last week with a simple message reading “HI,” spelled out in Post-it notes in the window of a downtown office building, has escalated into a war of elaborate Post-it designs between two buildings across from each other on Canal Street that demonstrates the creative talents of employees, as well as a rather impressive ability to put off doing actual work.


Adweek reports that a number of ad agenciesare involved, as is Getty Images. (Full disclosure: New YorkMagazine’s offices are in one of the buildings, and some staffers have joined in, too.)
Employees at the two buildings,have been posting images of the designs on social media with the hashtag #canalnotes.