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This is a thread for all fans of the classic Alfred Hitchcock film 'Vertigo' to come and discuss this fine film. What are your favourite moments? Why do you love this film so much? What do you think of the actor's performance.

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I love all of Hitchcock's films. He was a bit outspoken after this movie was made because he thought that James Stewart looked too old for Kim Novak. He was disappointed at the time that it was a 'flop', according to him. I think he was a little harsh as Vertigo has gained cult status.

I love the 3D feel to all the scenes and I love how San Francisco looked so surreal and beautiful.

I particularly love the powerful scene with Kim Novak with her hair black and the look of recognition in James Stewart's eyes when he 'clicks' as to who she is.

The scenes with him trailing her in his car were wonderfully shot and shows how you don't need dialogue....silence was much more KAPOW!!!

Kim Novak plays the ice queen well and James Stewart; well what a brilliant one off actor he was. I dare anyone to watch Rear Window as well and fall in love with this likable wonderful actor.

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I loved Vertigo's 90's hit, Forever Lately:

I can see forever lately
and make it all seem ordinary
can'’t live without and never feel it
the breath of love turned into being


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Then they became INVERTIGO:

I wanna believe that it's a phase you go through
That only gets harder to tell
And sometimes I think it's an easier thing to believe
That there's somebody else

Is there a fire if you don't see the smoke
We can't get higher if you don't let it go

Oh, oh, oh
How did your heart ever get like that
How did someone ever hurt so bad
That you can't see that
You've been kicked inside
You're desensitized yeah


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And we all know the words to this one:

Some of us made of concrete
Some of us made of sand
Some of us like the clear blue water
Others catching it in their hands
But we'll all just fade, anway
Some of us made of steel
Some of us like the earth
Some of us are the clear blue sky
When others fly through the air
But we'll all just fade so easy
Better to say

Chances are what you feel
Is like everyone else
Who is wrong?
What is real?
You can ask yourself
But if you find a way
You can always carry on

Chances are what you need
Is like everyone else
It's in you, it's in me
You can see yourself
But if you find a way
You can always carry on
Lyrics found <a href="">here</a>


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When I saw the title of the thread I wasn't sure what to expect as I suffer from vertigo from time to time and I can tell you now, I don't appreciate it one little bit, lol. It's ghastly. :(


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Sorry to hear that at @Kuhn Khun. That was pretty much the premise of the movie 'Vertigo'. James Stewart's life was a misery because of heights and his dizziness:)