The Speccy Awards 2014

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Nominations Now Open
Nominations will close midnight Monday 17th.

This year the process is a little different with the introduction of the nomination round. The nomination round is your chance to put forward any member for consideration in an award category. You may nominate in as many or as few categories as you want but you may only nominate once. The five (5) most nominated members will then progress to the voting round where you will be able to cast a vote for your favourite of the nominated members. The member with the most votes at the close of voting will be declared the winner.

Click here to nominate.

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Despite the abundance of HMs still in the house the BB finale is fast approaching which means so too are the Speccy Awards!

For newbies and oldies alike who may be unaware the Speccy Awards are named in honour of much loved member Speculator who sadly passed away in 2010. The Speccys are Behind Big Brother's version of the Oscars and as such are a celebration of this community and the members who frequent it.

Each year both lurkers and posters of BehindBB are given the opportunity to vote for their favourite in a number of award categories. This year I'm a little more organised so I'm giving everyone the opportunity to decide on the award categories. You can find last years award winners here but the categories were as follows:

Member of the Year
Thread of the Year
Most Loyal Supporter - biggest HM fan/stan/supporter
Most Fickle Supporter - user who seemed to change favourite HMs are often as their underwear
Most Respected User - nicest most respectful user
Most Missed User - the user you miss the most
Outstanding Troll - most annoying user.
Outstanding Newcomer - best transition from lurker to poster
Best Moderator Award - for keeping us in line
Grey Matter Award - most insightful commentary/best debater
Best Alias Award - most creative username
Best Avatar Award - most creative avatar
Sexual Tension Award - the two users you just know wanted to get it on.
Fiercest Bitch Award - the user who wasn't afraid to speak their mind

I think around 10-15 award categories is best. Member and thread of the year will definitely be staying. The rest are up for debate so share your views!
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My thoughts:

Most loyal, most fickle, most missed, outstanding newcomer, best moderator, and sexual tension

Best alias, best avatar

Most respected user - name change for clarity to Most Lovable Member
Outstanding troll - name change for clarity to Most Annoying Member
Grey matter - name change for clarity to what I'm not sure maybe Most Insightful Member in keeping with the other awards.
Fiercest bitch - name change for clarity to Most Direct Member or something similar

Photoshop award - best photoshop image or possibly body of work as a whole

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Will the winners be announced in the week of the Finale?

I'm pretty happy with most of those categories tbh. I'll try to think of some others...
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