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THE ANGEL HAS LANDED: An Angelicious Love Thread


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Count me in too. Only one with some semblance of personality that isn't annoying. At least not yet. Hope she stays in a long time otherwise the show could get very boring.


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Didn't like her in the promos. I thought she'd be one HM I wanted gone but having seen the first episode now I'm a fan.


Thank heaven for Angela
I went back and watched the middle part I flipped off last night due to too much kieren boring crap, Angela was the only bit of entertainment
Plus eye candy cute boy


Like working a job 24/7, for 2 days on the trot
Her quest for tea made me laugh. I'm loving her so much as a character rn, I don't think we've ever had anything like it on Australian TV before


Scalp collector
She's a Christian, so I don't know if she hates gays outright or thinks that she can cure their homosexuality by inviting them to dinner and introducing her daughter.

If she starts talking about Jesus I'm afraid I'm going to have to revoke my stan card and come for her hairline.