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Thank You Channel Nine And Alex


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Thank you Channel Nine and Alex. Now I know, Big Brother had had it's downs thought the last 3 year, but I truly thank Channel Nine and Alex for at least giving it ago. I remember hearing about Big Brothers renewal, and the one thing i hope for was this; Big Brother have at least 3 seasons. And thats what I got. I know that at times I have been sooooooo frustrated, and at the point if giving up, but I realised, Big Brother was given a chance. One more chance to make me happy. To make us happy. Although some of us haven't felt this way, at least we had each other and hope. We were given one of thr best seasons (2013), 3 extra seasons, and these forums all because Nine and Alex had a dream. Alex has tried. Nine have.... attempted, and heck we tried. And this is why I thank them. We had Big Brother. A show deemed dead, back for 3 more years. We were entertained. We laughed. We cringed (jakes wrapping). And we enjoyed (with a side of complain). Without Nine or Alex this wouldn't have been possible. If life we all make mistakes. And trust me, I know Nine and Alex have, but they gave us a show. A show we love (loved). We can continue to complain in its dying hours, or we can enjoy what we have left.


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Let's not get too worked up here. We're talking about a TV network and a producer, not Martin Luther King Jr. I think their "dreams" involved shitloads of cash for themselves.

I do hope BB does come back in another incarnation though. One that respects the fundamental premise, the format, the core demographic, and new media.


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my biggest gripe is that they did so many things right last year and so many wrong this year. so if anything, this year MUST be a learning curve. let's go back to basics in the future.

but like everyone else, i'm glad it exists at all :)

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Let's face it , Channel 9 have put Big Brother on the absolute sidelines, they don't care about integrity and upholding BB tradition.

They've exploited it, senior management who probably hates BB allocated the task to some junior with low privileges to handle and deal with it. Junior was probably warned that any content that could hold Ch 9 liable or invite possible defamation lawsuits would get him sacked, so they have to approve everything that Alex wants on the table and that's why so much has been censored out this year and any lives updates completely cut out.

From a channel that runs stuff like "current affair" , defamation suits are probably a common thing with this channel and so everything is on constant high alert there and absolute paranoia.

This would explain the low level of mention of BB in their business lineup for next year, as it's still on the possible chopping block.
I agree, as much as we've complained about it, we still watch, because it's better than having nothing at all. I've read comments from Alex where he claims that she show will continue as long as it has it's loyal 500,000 fanbase, but are those numbers enough for Channel Nein to want to renew it? Doubtful, but if they took a risk, they could turn it into a great show, as it has been in the past. I'm not talking about making it less family friendly either. It's just all the stunts they keep pulling as they feel it's the only way to keep people watching.

Why do we have The Block on twice a year, as well as other shows like The Voice? Off the top of my head, it's usually less than 12 months between series.

I don't think the show would necessarily be treated better on other networks either. Commercial TV is dying. Maybe it's best to blame that in general instead of Channel Nein.