Talk to Timdormer (yes it's really me)


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You know it!

I was a BIG fan of TimD .....
....then I turned.

You lost me when you didn't maintain ownership of your gameplay. I wanted a winner who owned it all the way to the end, without the excuses. The extra 20? days probably played a role in this.

I have said that you are similar to Skye in terms of keeping the attention, maintaining the hype and cameras on you.... being central to the storyline. I have also said that Skye hasn't excused herself from her gameplay. If she does, I will stop voting for her.
I don't know what show you were watching, but I didn't change at all throughout the entire 101 days I was in there. I owned my gameplay.


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I made a video on why you should win Big Brother, it's on youtube!

I wonder if you ever watched it?? if you don't want Ryan to win :(
I did watch it!! And loved it!! I actually used bits from it when I was putting together a video package for something months ago. Very funny. Thanks! And no, I don't choose Ryan. Awesome guy, but big brother winner? No.


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@Timdormer Ben wasn't very popular with this forum last year. I think people had a variety of reasons for this: they felt Ben was being fake, they were annoyed by him constantly talking to his pictures or they felt his need to be reassured frequently was a negative characteristic.

Were you surprised that Ben had some people who disliked him? Also, which housemates from last year did you think people would like but didn't and vice versa?
Not at all surprised, I love him but I myself dislike him (as many would say of me). I was also surprised Australia didn't warm to mikkaylas raw honesty. I think Priya is the updated version of mikka this year, and I'm glad Australia has given her a go!


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So excited about these new projects you're working on... Do you get to visit Meatloaf any while he is in training these 2 weeks? Glad they are texting you to let you know how he is. I know you miss him.

I'm ticked off that something happened to upset you when you went in this year, you deserved better... Thank you for agreeing to do the video for the finale, I wouldn't bother to watch if you weren't going to be in it. Like that movie line, You are smart, you are kind, you are important. Or they can shove their finale where the sun doesn't shine. :)


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I loved nature docos. Steve Irwin, David Attenborough etc
David Attenborough is a living legend in my eyes. Truly, a gift to the earth and it's future.


@Timdormer hope your wishes come true. We can never have enough conservation and education with regards to our planet and all it's amazing creatures. Good luck mate!


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Not at all surprised, I love him but I myself dislike him (as many would say of me). I was also surprised Australia didn't warm to mikkaylas raw honesty. I think Priya is the updated version of mikka this year, and I'm glad Australia has given her a go!

Beautiful! I loved Mikkayla and championed her and you all the way. The week when Mikkayala was having fights with you I knew the writing was on the wall for the poor girl. Fight with Tim = go home. Saved me money though only having Tim to vote for.

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Sorry. Was just having a moment. They just reported another drowned shark caught in the nets off Bondi beach. SOOOO MAD.
You get bored so easily did you ever find that other housemates tried to go out of their way to entertain, distract you or play up to you?[DOUBLEPOST=1416630943][/DOUBLEPOST]
I am keeping away from most of them. Oh I will say this. Found out some are buying social media followers. It's not that hard to find out who.


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Good morning Tim

What are your thoughts on lina and penny? Do you think they should have been put in earlier over anyone else?

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...hey Tim... do you ever wander over to the 'Photoshop' thread?... if so... do you think that we are too harsh or do you take it as pure fun as it is intended?... also... have you gone into last years 'Photoshop' thread to see how you fared?... lol!... (I was one of those that Photoshopped you in favour 99% of the time lol!... cheers.


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I don't see it. VOMIT.[DOUBLEPOST=1416566305][/DOUBLEPOST]
I've been reading your posts, you really don't like me do you?

You're both attention seekers to varying degrees, prone to childish shenanigans etc.. only that you have 1o years on Skye and therefore she can use her age as an excuse for some of her antics. Whilst you on the other hand... :whistling: ;) :tongue:


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It's the SurvivorOz podcast that @Rose711 posted a day or two ago. If you search her posts on here you'll find it. It's LONG as in two hours but if you fast forward to maybe 1:10 you'll also hear him go off on Estelle and what Leo told David in the house amongst the finale stuff lol

I dont wan't to listen to him speak but what did leo tell david??