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Survivor Worlds Apart


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While the forums were down, the new season of survivor was announced as Season 30: Survivor Worlds Apart and the cast was also released.

This season is all new players with a 3 tribe format. The theme is White Collar e.g. businessmen, Blue Collar e.g. working class people, and No Collar e.g. the people who live pay check to pay check.

It looks like a really interesting cast and there has been a lot of talk that this is an amazing season and the best since Heroes vs. Villains. Jeff Probst has been hyping the cast up big time. The apparent reasoning behind this is that there are a lot of super fans in this cast who have come to play the game to win similar to Cagayans entertaining cast! The cast looks great and I am hoping that it will be Survivor Cagayan 2.0. I am a massive survivor fan so I can't wait for it to start and discuss it on here with all of you other fans.

It premieres on February 25th I think? So not long to go now!

I have provided some links below to videos and bios of the cast. If you click on the link of the account on Youtube, "SurvivorOnCBS" you will find individual cast member interviews:)



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I mean, the last time Jeff hyped up a season like this we got Caramoan. All it probably means is that some boring white guy will be a strategy bot and Jeff will cream over him.


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I mean, the last time Jeff hyped up a season like this we got Caramoan. All it probably means is that some boring white guy will be a strategy bot and Jeff will cream over him.
Only except he isn't the only one hyping it up like he was with Caramoan. I would say it is more likely that there are a lot of crazy moves, blindsides, and crazy tribal councils that has Jeff so excited. And that makes me excited.

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Every time I think of Survivor, I can't get loopy Jan from the fifth season in Thailand remarking at the reveal of the team challenge; 'It's a puzzle.' Thanks for the tip.

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I thought for a first episode it was one of the better ones. The decision task spiced it up nicely, I already have about 6 people I don't want to win, and the internal fracture in the no collars is quite interesting and confirms first impressions cruisy coconut vendors with feathers in their hair. I was hoping blue collar would lose so tubby would be shown the door. For all the talk about blue collars building the USA, he knows where the bar is. In the end, I was surprised the men didn't make the pragmatic decision to get rid of the useless Yahoo executive.
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OK, in lieue of other feedback it's the post midnight post. I think tonight's episode was metaphoric, in that So was driven, ambitious and capable, but she just mindlessly followed Joaquin's thoughts to her own demise, only ever having been wise to camera, but not saying a word of it during decision making. Joaquin seemed smitten during negotiations, but he got it 100% his way. There is too much modern female flag flying that amounts to the same old resignation.


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I thought that was a really good first ep. So much potential in those mixes. People I like a lot already to root for. Cracks and schisms. Annoying smug person first out in a bit of a blindside. What's not to like!

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Highlights of So's pre-show video:

"...women can be strategic and smart and get there on their own and not be a coat-tail rider. " (cue deceit choice decision footage)

"and, like, I'm smart and I'm strategic, and, like, I understand <incomprehensible> if I am who I am, like, totally, and if I bring that strategic side people are definitely going to put a target on my back"

"my biggest competition is myself, and if I can, like, tame myself then I can totally win the million dollars"

Vince isn't just a coconut vendor, he is also a life coach. Yup, yup, yup, yup.

There once was a time when white collar meant you had a qualification and a qualified job. Now it means you wear fancy clothes to your retail buying job.
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Caught it tonight, I found it an entertaining first episode but I don't have any favourites yet.
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Oh here it is!!!

I was looking for it and couldn't see that's why i started one :)

Anyhoo I'm loving it already

So was stupid for revealing her alliance at first tribal so deserved to go IMO
She was stupid in general wasn't she? She let Joaquin easily convince her to take the deceive option in regards to the rice and she followed it up by making up a terrible lie that no one believed. Her game play all round was really lacklustre and poor.


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Just caught up on the show!

Seriously after 345 seasons it just never gets old!

I was so happy to see So voted out! I agree with you insider (first time for everything ;) ) I felt it was foolish to choose depriving the tribe of food so early in the race, for a small chance to find a single idol. To so obviously plant that huge seed of mistrust so early in the game was idiotic.

I think the fact So so proudly announced her complete 4 power alliance in that tribal council arena showed her ignorance when it comes to the game.

Can't wait for the next ep!