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Survivor: Titans vs Rebels - Episode 8

Feras re: Kelli potentially having an idol: “Kelli without an idol is a loose cannon, Kelli with an idol is a loaded cannon. All of Samoa is in trouble” bahahaha 😂
Ugh. What a debacle. And his idol gone. On the plus side, only one left on the Cuddle Crew, and I don't mind Alex as much lately. That should have been a simple vote, all in on Sarah, and save the revenge plot for a better time.
…another ‘I have no idea how to play the game’ person gone… no great loss… a confusing show tonight… even though I watched the whole show from start to finish… I feel like I missed something… I had no idea at the end… thanks for the fun folks… nite all… sleep tight… pleasant dreams… cheers.
He absolutely doesn't deserve to be there.
Someone who is clueless about everything and just waits until someone tells them who to vote for is just a waste of a position.
I so agree. If he’s just going to sit around and wait to be told what to do each tribal then he doesn’t deserve to be there. He was so willing to just vote out his mate Nathan. He has zero strategy and offers nothing more than occasional comic relief. That spot on the cast could have gone to an actual fan of the show who was willing to make moves.
A thread is good, a poll probably not really necessary unless you actually have something relevant / interesting to ask. I reckon don’t put too much pressure on a poll, ok if there isn’t one.
Agree. Separate threads for each episode make it useful for those of us who catch up later.

I also like seeing @Mr Stickyfingers slowly losing it each night as he talks to himself.