Staceys boyfriend is a complete babe


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He is ridiculously handsome and also personable, who knew?

LOL Michael will have a shitfit when he meets him.

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And just for some added measure...



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I don't know the proper term and what's PC to say but stacey is a "Fag Hag."

Now I actually kind of look like her boyfriend but no where near as in as good shape or as well styled or groomed. Lets just say, I have been told by many people I have a resemblance to Ryan gosling. Now saying that.. Stacey is the sort of chick if I made out with drunk I would say I didn't remember. She's not attractive physically or personality wise. If anything her personality makes her less attractive. I can say that guy is a shitload more together than me in the superficial department. It just makes me go....

Either he genuinely loves her and is a better person than me, he's a complete dipshit or he's gay.

Michael Nguyen

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Lmao are you joking?
Stacey is very good looking, if she fixed her hair and fringe it is noticeable. She has a fun indie quirky city girl personality


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She's not attractive physically or personality wise.

She's both. If you look through the photos posted on Facebook and elsewhere, she's quite attractive physically and her personality is too. She might be a bit drained at the moment after being stuck in the house for three months, but in the outside world I imagine she would be a really energetic, warm, bubbly person who would be fun to be around.


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I used to work with a girl years ago, knew her for a year she was as plain as wouldnt look twice at her really, had a good personally, well her husband of three years came to pick her up after work one day, he must have thought we were all stupid with our mouths open in surprise. HE WAS A HUNK,