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Sonia . Tonight. Oh my...


...TRUMP 2020..
just when u thought things couldnt get any more cringeworthy than opening night catwalk dance 2014...

Just when you thought Sonia would have taken leave as planned by week 8

Just when you thought it was safe to go back uin the water at the start of Jaws2.... they send out Sonia to the main house

She obviously ran and was puffed out

Her acting skills were reminiscent of Bobby from Home & Away collapsing from a heart attack

Then she puts her footsies on Penny's face...

I couldnt have been more uncomfortable had i watched my auntie being fingerbanged by a teenager at a bus stop

Did she spray those pegs with ambi-pur

Did she try get Leo to touch her up with a brush of leftside oversized boobie?

Was Ryan milliseconds from standing up and torching her Ash Wednesday stylez?

Lost my mojo
Yet i still want her in my bed.


jez hampton

At least it's better than Slavid trying to get in penny's pants. He looked very angry at the foot thing. Sonia is now competition


Just Being Miley
Awesome site donor
I can't remember who said it in the other thread, something about how everyone was excited about Sonia coming to BB back in 2012, the reason being that she really is a naturally talented, funny person.
Sometimes she may rely too much on the Autocue, but she's a great host.

Let's turn this into a SONIA LOVE thread because that's what I thought it was when I clicked... She was brilliant tonight