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Sometimes a 'like' just isn't enough


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That online list tells you they are on the forum but that does not mean they are interacting with the thread you are writing in. It could be that the are eatching old episodes online and want to read more about Skye so are readimg threads people have not interacted with in a very long time. I would actually think there would be a good proportion of this forum now who are guests this would be why.


So, for a record, there's a sample taken at 7am Sat morning while listening to pins drop.

2 members logged in, 35 lurkers.... Not contributing.

Yes, that means you!!!! 😜


And... if you want to see the full-sized versions of those images above, you will need to sign up and view them when logged in as a member apparently, lol 😎

Come and join us Aussie square eyes. 🤗

+ some Canadians, Americans and Brits currently!
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I'm usually logged in because it's easier than logging in & out all the time.
I noticed last night that the only new posts were a series of numbers.
Generally weekends are a dead zone, until Sunday afternoon when Survivor chat picks up.