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So it's a trend -Estelle drops in -


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Former housemate
It seems to be a trend for ex-housemates at the moment to announce their joining.
Well yes, here I am.
I've lurked this forum since I left the house in 2012. But never quite felt compelled enough to post and join.
That of course is until now I come without pretence. Tim advised me of some of the wonderful support and passion people were still showing for me on here and I felt it was my duty to acknowledge ..

So I am here to thank-you, for being part of my journey, for supporting me, for still backing me and making me feel love even some 24 months later when most would feel irrelevant .

Once my eyes recover from reading every post in Benjamin's thread, I will be in here to speak some more.
Because I am humbled to think that anyone still quite frankly, gives a shit about what I think, thought or still feel.

Reporting back soon. xx