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Season 2 Jury Villa (spoilers)


They certainly aren't- but I was being extra cautious because some people are more sensitive to spoilers than others. Common sense should dictate to come here after the episode, but on the off chance someone is brand new and has no idea, it wasn't hard to make it clear there will be new spoilers daily with the eviction of each new player.

Also- where was the scene where they get weighed and see themselves for the first time?? That part was the best :(


Ah yes, common sense...

It's like when I know I'm half an hour behind, if I was to dip in and see something then the only person I could complain about would be myself. So I minimise the screen to just the reply box.

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..."aaaaah!... some jocks!... that's good... I've been 'free-balling ' for about 30 days!"... bwhahahahaha!... as funny as!... this is the most that I've heard Jarrad speak in that 30 days too lol!... and I just love it that when he first saw all of that food on the table that the first thing that he grabbed was a Beer!... lol!... way to go Jarrad!... lol!... thanks for starting the thread up originalflavours... cheers.


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I laughed when he said about the food, it's like a party & no one who was invited turned up.

Also laughed when he said see my friends.


Henry telling Tessa he isn't a yoga instructor but a labourer from Adelaide.

Tessa still has no idea who voted for her, it sure wasn't Locky.


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I've been watch the eight jury villa videos. Pretty much the same video of each jury member. As in get weighed, eat a lot, and have a song performed in your honor. It was also interesting observing the players without all the strategy talk.

- If Luke ever went to the end he would have got something like a 9-0 vote in favor of him. He was just too charming, so he obviously had to go. It was funny him telling the Jericho cookie story to Henry and Sarah.

- Sarah is just a massive dork in a model's body. I liked how she was carrying a cat to her bedroom. That was cool.

- Tessa has the best smile ever.


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Just catching up on these. It's nice when something you suspect with someone is confirmed later by them. I did think Ziggy played her idol as Henry went home with his, and it turned out that was a huge influence.

Luke called biscuits by their right name - gains bonus points from me. Chippies though? Nope they are crisps. :D

It was nice seeing Anneliese is a super fan, she practiced puzzles beforehand, even getting screenshots off tv.

Jarrad was good on his own at the jury house, but I really hope he was joking when he said he always wanted to be blindsided on Survivor.

Best jury house moment though had to be Henry revealing during a yoga session that he didn't do yoga to Jarrod and Anneliese while they were meditating.

The songs they started to do were a nice touch.

Most shocked by their appearance were probably Anneliese and Tessa.