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I can't believe Shonee doing the same crap in all her seasons.

Always having 2 so called minions & finding idols & saving the idiots. Same same but different years.

It's OK for her to gun for someone, but if they gun for her, she gets upset.

If she ever comes back, she will never win survivor.

Moana thinking she is contender. Think Abby was treated unfairly by Shonee.

Up to episode 8.
David is brutal.

Phoebe is a an idiot for betraying David, then telling him about the clue to the idol.

The change of teams really stuffed up Mat's game.

Up to episode 11.
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Moana is playing a great game.

Unlike Shonee, Moana's minions are actually doing her job for her properly.

Up to episode 12
Funny you've started this thread, I have been rewatching all of the Australian Survivor seasons and am rewatching All Stars right now. Currently up to episode 19, just finished the exile twist. It is as abysmal on a rewatch as it was on the initial viewing.

Will hard disagree with you on Moana, she was quite socially horrible to anyone who wasn't in her circle. Extremely petty and self-righteous. Listening to Nick's deep dive with Shannon on RHAP, after the auction when Nick receieved the video message from his partner and 8 month old daughter, Moana's first words to him (after spending a week with him already on the same tribe) were "so you have like a son or something?". A very deluded player who thought she was in charge despite David running circles around her whilst the only people she could run circles around were Tarzan and Jacqui. Unfortunately, her game play style probably works to get her far every single time she plays. But she isolates jury members too much to actually win. The only person she has a chance to win against would be either Tarzan and maybe Sharn, maybe.

Abbey got a bad response on social media for targetting Shonee. Unwarrented as well. Abbey's strategy would have worked for her in the longterm, but it makes for boring TV. Shonee got a real shitty deal being put on Mokuta. Too many champions and athletes. She was much more suited to Vakama. Despite her swap being suspciously close to being rigged, I was very happy to see her do away with Abbey, John and Lydia, the latter being one of my least favourite survivor players ever.

Agree, Mat got swap screwed. And it did the season no favours as he was one of the more likable players. But he would have just been another David minion, although the hardest one for David to beat. But David would have dealt with that accordingly I am sure of it.

Rewatching this season Shonee is possibly overrated this season. But she is the only bright spot IMO from the merge on. Her social prowess elucidates game ability and consitency. I think she can do well in any given season, although it is her strategic choices at times that hinder her winning chances. She had a winning path in season 3 yet chose to ruin it through petty vengence for Fenella. Still, my favourite character from the franchise and IMO one of the best players to have not won.

Watching Phoebe derail via David's gaslighting was devestating as I was massive fan of hers in season 1. David was very clearly not going to take players to the end who had flashy games from previous seasons. Phoebe was yet another victim of this. She doesn't excel like she did the first time, but I argue she was swap scewed like Mat. Had she found the idol before David I would have enjoyed the season so much more, it is a shame she didn't get to make the merge this time.

This season's bootlist was woeful. Losing the two winners as well as Michelle and Henry within the first 5 episodes was shit in itself. Then to lose Mat, Phoebe, Flick and Nick all in succession was just plain hurtful. Having a merge full of people like Moana, Tarzan, AK, Jacqui and Zach who didn't even make merge in their first appearance just felt flat. The whole season had such a dark feeling to it. The editing is dogshit just to top it off.

I may start my own threat to compile my thoughts on each season like I had planned to.
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I am probably being kind about Moana, as I can't stand her.

For a big guy, Locky is as weak as piss.
The more I watch, I realise how brutal David was. He didn't care about any of them.

Jacqui is one strong lady.

Moana actually believes her own shit, she thinks she is in charge of everything.
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Moana was a big disappointment,
I expected big things of her because I already liked her due to her being a football celebrity.
Survivor put me off her, she was self-righteous and not likeable but didn't have anything to back it up with.
Oh I am so glad my thoughts on Moana are being echoed. A truly delusional player. She acted like the godmother she thought she was, all an act really that she copied from Mat. If there is to ever be another full returnee season I don’t want to see her or Mat or Sharn together. That is a group of three who will simply work together every single time and never make moves with other people.
Moana was a big disappointment,
I expected big things of her because I already liked her due to her being a football celebrity.
Survivor put me off her, she was self-righteous and not likeable but didn't have anything to back it up with.

They called her a AFL legend. She played what 20 games. And was so shit, she was delisted.

I have heard she isn't a nice person IRL.
Shonee thinks she is the best player going around.

IMO: She is so overhyped.

Finished episode 16.

Was sad watching again about Lee's mother.
Some of the contestants are deluded. Jacqui thinking she was leader of the pack.

Turns on her alliance & then expects to stay & thinks she can win. lol

Finished episode 19.
I also just watched episode 19. Sharn is beyond frustrating this season. It would have been way more fun to see a rock draw, but I understand why it didn't happen. But Sharn activly burnt three jury votes (four if you count Jacqui) by promising to the Vakama three she would vote with them until the final four and then going back on her word the very next vote. I get she just did what she had to do to avoid going to rocks, but she went way too hard promising she'd work with them. She could have at least done so for one vote and gotten out David, then her flipping again would be forgivable. She had the chance to open the season up wide, and chose not to. SO MANY confessionals of her saying she wants to blindside David yet she didn't do it at the prime oppurtunity.
I think the only one who deserved to win was Mark "Tarzan" Herlaar. (He just got voted out)

What a wonderful human being he is. IMO: Played the game with integrity.

Hope they all kept in touch with him.

I think there should be prize money for the top 5.
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God, it would be even more dominated by one alliance never turning on each other if they did that. Although the US version pays a higher stipend the higher you finish - was $85k and $70k for 3rd and 4th place which isn't too far off the $100k for 2nd. Don't think a second place prize is ever mentioned on the Aussie version.
Sharn was so deluded, thinking she was the puppetmaster, same with Moana.

Moana voting for Sharn, showed she wasn't over David not picking her. Even after finding out that Tarzan was telling the truth in sher wanting Mo gone against AK.

She would have done the same thing.

Sharn's final pitch was still shit, but not as bad as her first time. David knew what days thinks happened etc & the reasons why.

I wish they showed who voted for who & their reasons.
At the time I wanted Brooke to win, she didn’t necessarily play the most dominant game (premege however she was in complete control) but she was dealt a very bad hand post merge.

She’s the best to never win survivor IMO, yes she’s better than George. I think Brooke is a player who will do well in any season on any tribe in any situation. But David did deserve the win, even if it was so predictable and even if his cockiness was grating at times.

Moana voted bitter, and high further cemented my dislike for her. I get she’s friends with sharn IRL, but remove that from the game please.

Sharn willingly threw away $500,000 by not blindsiding David. If she did so instead of voting out Shonee her stock rises. She came out of champions v contenders looking like a solid player but her all stars game kind of ruined her reputation in my eyes. She is no more now than just a two time runner-up who botched it twice.
Sharn threw away $500,000 by pissing the jury off with all of her lies.

If she was up against Moana, Moana would have won.