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Re-watching a legacy season

James T

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I'm re-watching a few older seasons of BBAU at the moment to re-familiarise with the older series and I'm on 2003 at the moment. I didn't watch 2003 live (I started watching live in 2007 for context) and I'm missing that real time public reaction that came with watching BB (yes I have tried Wayback Machine-ing BBBA & the Official Site to 2003). So, legacy viewers, I have questions!

  • In 2003, who (apart from Regina and Chrissie) did the public warm to the most at the time?

  • How did the public react to Carlo and Benjamin?

  • Before Belinda revealed that her brother murdered someone, how was she seen by the audience?

  • Was The Insider as uncomfortable to watch back then as it is now?

I can really see why this season was so well loved, their casting choices made sense, each daily show had the right balance between all the housemates, and having two houses oddly enough made getting to know the housemates so much easier - I haven't caught myself saying "who's that again?" once while watching. The inclusion of Carmel in the first few daily shows explaining each housemate's role in each house and why certain production decisions were made was also really nice to have.


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Can I ask where are you watching these? Love to re-watch the original AUBB.