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Random show comments, feedback and recommendations


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This thread will either work or it will be a complete failure, but I can live with that.

If you're watching a show that doesn't warrant a thread, or maybe it's ancient history, feel free to share.

I'll kick off:

I've just watched The Block seasons 1 & 2. So much better with so few episodes and particularly with Jamie Durie as host and their Sydney foreman Dave. So much more watchable.

I have to say I had completely forgotten that this was where Dr Andrew Rochford got his TV break. And he and his then partner were only "backup" contestants, so he was pretty lucky to end up on the show at all, let alone winning. I'm not surprised he and Jamie didn't stay together, as he was clearly irritated with her. A lot.

In the penultimate episode, Richard and Steven turned against Matt and Jane, and I still don't understand why this happened, much less why they then got all chummy with the truly awful Jason and Kirsten.

Also, make sure you watch Chernobyl if you haven't already.

In addition I am watching Grace and Frankie, which I'm rather enjoying. Took several episodes to hit its groove though.


However do what you like, of course.....still some of us use those threads quite a bit about anything on TV or related


I thought that was just for people watching stuff live? This is more... general and random.
I've always thought that too - the 'live' thread is for posting as you're watching something, whereas this one would be for discussing upcoming shows, things you watched years ago, or anything else that wasn't necessarily what everyone else was watching.