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Prisoner / Wentworth

Mrs Butterface

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I've had all the Wentworths recorded for months but haven't got around to watching them yet. Going to go search for Prisoner now :)


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I love Prisoner - but wasn't allowed to watch the first couple of seasons as my parents thought I was too young. It was the big thing to watch when I was in high school.
Loving Wentworth as well. Some terrific acting :)


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I was allowed to watch it. I was abt 9. !

Watched it all a while back on Hits111. Great to see it as an adult.

I do like Wentworth. The new freak is fantastic!

I met Val Lehman as a teen on the street. She asked if I had change for parking meter. I was star struck! !!!


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I watched every episode of the original from the second episode. Missed the first but after it aired the school was abuzz recalling the debut. Fortunately for me, the second ep was that very night!
I first started watching Prisoner when it first aired on Foxtel I think in 2011, but when I started it was at Episode 65 (I checked online). I kept watching after that and when I found it on Youtube, I caught up from Episode 1. I can vaguely recall the show being aired late nights in the 90's, cos when it originally aired, I was about 6 when it ended. But I can safely say I've seen all 692 episodes.

I watched it as nothing more than a camp soapie, that had it's drama, but I wonder if the campness was noticed when it was originally aired? I'm not talking about the hair and fashion either.

I also think Wentworth is brilliant, and on some of the Prisoner fan forums, it's pretty funny watching fans argue about the two shows... some of us were open minded enough to give Wentworth a chance, but there are some fans who refuse to watch it because they love the original show so much. I guess any fandom has this where remakes are concerned.

I love both shows for different reasons.


@destroy_robots I agree, Prisoner and Wentworth are both fantastic for their own reasons, there's no need to argue or even compare them.
I originally knew of Prisoner in the eighties but I wasn't really old enough to appreciate it. I then saw a run of repeats on Channel Ten in the afternoons, and most recently started on Foxtel when they were up to about episode 370 and watched till the end. Now Foxtel are playing them again, I've watched 1 - 257 (which is where they are up to now). So by the time I get up to about episode 400 I might stop, or I might just keep going again.


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Yep, I didn't catch it until about the same time as @Meglos . I was transfixed.

It got to a stage where we would invite people over and line a few up on the IQ (episodes) and then get bombed and laugh.

It is amazing how many cameos there are, Geoff Rush as a Pimp? Amazing launch pad for aussies.


I love Wentworth :) Currently watching season 2 on UK television from Germany, I think two more episodes to go. Found it last year just before season 1 started and got stuck. Unfortunately no signs that a German TV station will show it.