Non-elimination episodes


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Deaths, taxes and at least three non-elimination episodes on Australian Survivor. Those are the certainties of life.

How would you like them to be tackled in future series? I'm a bit sick of Redemption Rock/Exile Beach being pretty much the same each year with just two playing to return. Although it's not the shows greatest twist if they need to do it I wouldn't mind it being supersized Redemtion Island style, though ideally kept to pre-merge, with one return in the first six and one in the second. However I doubt Aussie producers want a third camp to film.

I do prefer twists where contestants rather than producers control the timing, so having an Idol which can be played to return to the game after you've been eliminated, without anyone else going, is one way to go through the mechanism of an episode without an elimination.

To be fair the scrolls aren't the worst idea either for what is clearly a last minute fix to cover a contestant forced to quit - it's the fact that they're off the back of so many other twists to tribal during the individual phase that makes them problematic.

Of course another way to cut the non-elimination episodes down is to either cut the episodes completely (not going to happen), or simply increase the contestants. Frankly 12 on each tribe is too many to get to know in the early stages, so upping that to 13 per tribe isn't going to make much difference to the viewing experience.


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I'd prefer they just add two more contestants.

The potential issue with a Jesus Idol (return after being voted out), is there's a chance that contestant might make it all the way to the end without needing to play it. A small chance, but a chance all the same.

As for the scrolls, they need to ensure more than one of the four urns have the 'save' scroll in them, to make sure they don't end up with the scenario where three TCs in a row they choose empty urns (as I mentioned in yesterday's thread). Although I'm pretty sure they were on to that.

Other scenario for a non elimination episode could be where they have an amazing reward challenge that gives them enough content for an ep and not have an IC/TC at all. Bit disappointing from the viewers' point of view though, but they could just do one like this each season. Not friends and family visits though. Just no.