No housemate heads at the top of this page this season?


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What ever happened to the housemate heads that used to adorn the top of this web page each season, with the crossed out evictees?


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Yeah, that Covid is a bitch. My father and I got it. We got through it, but it wasn't fun.


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Yes and they were eventually removed due to his months of whining about how disrespectful it was. It was one of a few things he’d post about other than Nikki.
I thought they removed it because no-one wanted to see the ape on the far left any more.


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I have no memory what so ever of the blonde on the end - she looks like a mix of jade and the sugar sisters from the following year. But something tells me she is nothing like that personality wise.
That's Angie. As far as anything memorable she did in the house goes:

End of list.