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New Voting System


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So i thought this might be a fun thing. Ideas for the voting system.

My idea: voting would be based on Favourites. Each housmate will enter the house and their polls open untill first nominations. then the three housmates nominaed will be up. whichever one with the lowest favour persentage will be evicted, untill one remains.


Canadian Royality
Exactly... But I believe I have an idea of what [MENTION=34389]milo-bbau[/MENTION] is trying to say... Although from what I can gather this has kind of already been done... The BB08 series had nominations and eviction voting reversed so that the public would nominate HM's for eviction and the HM's would then vote to evict based on the public's nominations... While rankings were never released the voting was essentially a ranking system where the more popular HM's got the least votes and those with the most would be considered least popular...

What I think [MENTION=34389]milo-bbau[/MENTION] is trying to say is that in this "new" voting system the public would nominate and the least popular HM based on the rankings would be the one evicted and I think that would be horrible and disastrous for the show... Essentially it means the HM's are living in a house for 80 to 100 days basically doing nothing... That being said BB08's changing of nominations and evictions is part of the reason BB08 suffered, it wasn't until later in the series when the strategy was reversed that it began to feel like BB again...

Personally I think the current system is fine and that messing around with nominations or the public vote would really do nothing to add to BBAU's entertainment value...