New Big Brother Location for 2022?


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Funnily enough a US revival is currently being filmed in Australia.

Although Big Brother should absolutely be a daily show, but not with a weeks worth of the show everyday, over all I think Seven are now seeing the disadvantages of airing all shows in a nightly slot over a number of weeks - when one fails you're left with a massive hole in the schedule which isn't easy to fill, especially if you're holding out for a rival tentpole show to finish before launching your franchise.

IMO airing The Voice (or AGT), SAS and Farmer Wants a Wife weekly just one or two nights a week is actually a solid schedule against The Block - and if one fails you've likely only one night to fill, and perhaps can double up on another of the franchises in the short term.


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When do they usually renew contracts more towards the end of the year right? Although if they have to get a new location ect, I'd assume it'd be earlier rather then later.

I wonder if channel 10 would ever pick up Big Brother again, probably not.