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Network B3


The Forum Big Brother

The Games forum will never be the same as Network B3 has arrived with more games than ever before! Forum Big Brother will be joined by new shows such as Gamepod and Forum Feud and so much more.

Forum Big Brother
He is back with 2 new seasons next year, FBB: Divided and FBB: Broken Dreams. (AllStars has been cancelled)

A new game with strategy, alliances takes home here on the forums. Don't be surprised to find a knife in your back

Forum Feud
The top answer is... Yep Forum Feud is coming! Gather your team and get practicing as SepiaBird hosts this great game.

The Forum Awards
Who will take the crown and be the forum favorite?

If you want to host a game just PM Bertrendo!


The Forum Big Brother
Due to feedback from a survey I put out there will be only ONE Forum Big Brother and...

Forum Survivor

Will replace FBB Broken Dreams
Awesome work Bertrendo! It's coming along well - hopefully it can bring Forum Members past and present together in unison.


Like working a job 24/7, for 2 days on the trot
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