Netflix' Okja


Unfallen Icarus
This is a story about a girl and her pig. It is interesting and good. Watch it.

Spoilers: while it wears its agendas on its sleeve, Okja leaves me wondering who the target audience is. It seems at first for kids, but the climax is harrowing and every white character is utterly foul mouthed.

The humanity and individuality of these characters is shrouded in laughable stereotypes of whitey. While those of other races are also types - Old grandfather farmer, ladder-climbing corporate Smithers etc, the white ones were different.

Through them I saw some of the ways Caucasians are seen. I know when I was in Korea, I was a 'white monkey,' but here we had a squeaky-voiced PA, perhaps mocking the rising intonation we see on 'intelligent' North American females recently, like BBUS' Nicole. There's also the weak, craven TV presenter, and the Cruella deVille with Daddy issues. Everyone, though, has some individual traits and most have moral ambiguity. The ALF are interesting, too. They are continuing the tradition of good white terrorists like Katniss and the Rebel Alliance. They are all foul mouthed, though. Is that how we are seen?

Aside from the central story, my favourite character may be the young Korean driver, who has that aloof Korean cool, and is a warning of what disrespect for employees brings.

It was a good show, and one that will make me need to make a bigger rationalisation than normal that it ok when frying bacon later. It has relevant things to say about us humans of late capitalism.