Mixed Poll Selection: What works, what doesn't?

What works, What doesn't?

  • Head of House - works

    Votes: 14 38.9%
  • Head of House - doesn't

    Votes: 22 61.1%
  • House nominations - works

    Votes: 28 77.8%
  • House nominations - doesn't

    Votes: 8 22.2%
  • Second Chance Challenge - works

    Votes: 19 52.8%
  • Second Chance Challenge - doesn't

    Votes: 16 44.4%

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Three polls in one here - of the "new" elements introduced to the Seven format this year what do you think works and what doesn't?


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They are all good additions but I don’t think they are executed as best as they could be. I think having both the 2020/21 format of nomination challenge and House nominations together gets too confusing, same as having a second chance for the house noms but not the Challenge winners noms.

The HOH could also be fleshed out to be more desirable. A whole private bedroom would be nice and also the ability to have more power ala deciding one of the nominees to join the two house decided nominees. HOH could also be fun to do what the Dutch have done recently and that’s allow the HOH to make a set of house rules for the week that the housemates have to follow.

All these additions have baby steps in the right direction. Maybe if we get another series they can make some bigger steps in this direction now they have the audience reception which they didn’t receive in time for this season.


I think evicted housemates should stay out, really.

Unless they only do it once per season, towards the end, where they have an all-in challenge like they've done on Survivor, and one person wins their way back in.

But when some get a chance to but others don't, it seems rigged.


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I think it's fair to say having two formats per week doesn't do either version any favours. Personally I'd have just introduced the Save Challenge within the format 7 has used. HoH just seems pointless when they have no power to nominate, whilst the house nominations feel shoehorned in for the wrong reasons, but I will concede it is interesting for the house to have the opportunity to not rely on the challenges to get out the likes of Sam. However not a fan of the same voting system being used to determine both the nominees and then the evictee.


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However not a fan of the same voting system being used to determine both the nominees and then the evictee.
I think that’s the part that confused me the most initially. Because say someone nominates a person who ends up being nominated. Going into eviction they would just vote that person again to be evicted.


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They need to get rid of the fake evictions. I wouldn't mind a Survivor style eviction once a week whereby everyone except the challenge winner and HOH can be voted out, and you might get some interesting minority vote outs from splits potentially. The nominate 3 people then have a save challenge then vote someone out drags a bit I think.


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IMO, nominations should remain how they were in the classic seasons - Let each housemates nominate. I'm not sure of this format, but this happens once a week only?

Oh, maybe I'm the only one, but I think BB should forbid housemates discussion noms, just like in the old days. Let the housemates make up their own minds themselves.


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There are too many challenges every week, I just want to skip over them now.

How about a major rework of the second chance challenge? No longer does this occur every week, but it instead becomes a 'Second chance to finale'. The public are given some way of voting for all of the evicted HMs and the top three voted evictees (or even top five) return in a pre-finale episode to compete for a wildcard spot in the finale alongside the final 2-3. Ideally this challenge episode would be live but if not would have to be turned around quickly unless the finale is pushed back to a week later.

Maybe this idea is daft, maybe it is good 🤷‍♂️. I've been thinking how the public could have more involvement in a *shudder* prerecorded series, and an earlier idea was for the public to choose a wildcard for the finale, but one potential issue I see with that is the public could overwhelmingly vote for this wildcard HM to win too meaning the other finalists have no chance. So maybe including a challenge solves this?

The head of house nominations ‘power’ should be consistent. It’s weird that it’s something random each week and they aren’t balanced.
Good idea. Perhaps if they want to cycle through a few different powers, put them into say three unmarked boxes and each week have the HOH choose which one to open. Edit: and contents of the boxes would be the same week to week, just reshuffled. For example, every HOH would have a 33.3% chance of picking 'swap a nominated HM with a non-nominated HM', if that were one of the three possible HOH nominations powers.


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An interesting idea - have always said I'd rather evictees competed to return to the house rather than having fake evictions but never thought about the possibility of doing it just before the actual finale for a second chance. In traditional Big Brother I'm not a fan of someone being put in just before the finale (I think the housemates should have a chance to evict them again) but there is merit in it here, and your idea is better than just a pure viewer vote.


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I did think in the Nine era the "Nominations Superpower" was a good way to cover a lot of random twists in one format point, but on the whole they were fairly comparable.

I do think in the competitive format it's more interesting to have powers which don't have to be used straight away so the holder not only has to work out how best to play them but when best to play them too, so perhaps rather than an HoH (in name only) it would have been better to have them becoe the holder of a weekly "Super power" which they can use on any of the next three evictions. That might add more sense to the weekly structure too, plus gives you the added complication of there possibly being two powers in play for the Monday evictions.


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Tonight’s pointless double fake eviction was pretty useless. They were evicted and just like that were reinstated without lifting a finger. Easy, no stress, no effort required on the hms