MAFS 2021


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OK I need to catch up on all the comments from last night, but by gosh Bryce can F right off. What a controlling, manipulative arse.

Jake is spot on however, standing to address people that are sitting down is just downright standover tactics, particularly because he was leaning over Booka and shouting even though she seems to have nothing to say about the whole thing.

It's really unacceptable behaviour on Bryce's part. Melissa isn't much better when she said if she left the experiment, it was everyone elses fault. She needs to look at her own backyard before making statements like that.

Bryce looked like he was shitting himself when Jake stood up though - I suspect Jake would win that fight should be be so inclined.
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Yeah, Nah.
Reminds me of work too much......guess that is why I don’t get why it rates, 1st time viewer
and last, it is mostly quite boring
Unfortunately this is a shit season for your first.
If you have the time, you’ve got to watch 2019. It’s fucking bonkers and absolutely perfect car crash TV.