Love Island Simland (Sims 4 Love Island adaptation): I need your help!

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Hello y'all! It's my first post since I enrolled here! 👋

To introduce myself, I'm a French content creator on YouTube / Twitter and Instagram. I'm a huge fan of Big Brother (and the French version of Big Brother "Secret Story") and reality shows like Love Island or The Circle !

On my YouTube channel you can watch reality shows adaptations with the game "The Sims 4", it's dubbed in French because my audience is mainly French / Belgian / French Canadian people, but you can read the subtitles in English and Spanish !

Currently I'm producing "Dilemme" (Dilemma in EN), it's a kind of Big Brother, but the housemates are divided into 2 teams, orange and purple, and they have to face dilemmas to increase their pool of money. There are challenges, nominations, and evictions. My followers can interact on the program by voting to give advantages for the housemate of their choice, etc.

During the last weeks of my English studies at University, I started to work on an adaption of Love Island in the Sims called "Love Island Simland", it will be aired this summer (after my university exams ended), and I need your help to produce it in the most reliable way of Love Island. I explain myself: to you, what is the main aim of Love Island in terms of design, Islanders characteristics, topics, music, and post-production technique ?
I really want to realize my adaption like the real ones, like when you'll watch my episode you will say "that's could be a real one". In France, we had "Love Island France" on Amazon Prime, but it was cancelled after 2 weeks of broadcasting due to COVID-19 pandemic and there are no news about a future season... so my adaptation will be based on Love Island UK/ AU/ US.

I'll be taking note of your advices, have a good day! 💛

(I apologise if my post is not in the right forum, I thought this one was the best fit).


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